UNF Alma Mater

Since the late 1970s, there have been several initiatives and contests held to establish an official university song. In 1994, under the leadership of President Adam Herbert, the University sponsored its third and successful alma mater contest. The winning entry included music adapted by Dr. William C. Moffit, adjunct professor of music at the time, with words by Dr. Merrill J. Palmer, professor of music. The Alma Mater was performed for the first time at the December 16, 1994 UNF Fall commencement ceremony. The vocalist was Farris Long II, accompanied by the UNF Pep Band.  An arrangement penned by Carlos Martinez has been sung at different events, including the 2000 Inauguration of UNF President Anne Hopkins, the 2004 Inauguration of UNF President John A. Delaney and commencement ceremonies.

UNF Alma Mater



We recall those days of gladness, 

Nestled midst the lakes and pine, 

Where we sought the gift of knowledge, 

Alma Mater, pride of mine. 



Sing her glory and her praises, 

Let them ring from sea to sea! 

North Florida we proudly honor, 

U-N-F, all hail to thee. 



Near the shores of the Atlantic, 

Where the Osprey soars on high, 

Stands our Alma Mater strong and true, 

With her colors gray and blue.