UNF Cyber Security Awareness Month Activities

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Information Technology Services is excited to announce a series of activities throughout the month. During October ITS will be providing a variety of resources and events to help you better understand cyber security and the simple steps you can take to protect yourself, your family and our organization.








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  • STOP.THINK.CONNECT. – Best Practices for All Digital Citizens: Oct. 3 to Oct. 7
  • Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work: Oct. 10 to Oct. 14
  • Recognizing & Combating Cybercrime: Oct. 17 to Oct. 21
  • Our Continuously Connected Lives: What's Your "App-titude"?: Oct. 24 to Oct. 28
Stay tuned for a complete list of activities taking place throughout the month of October


Week One: October 3-7

Theme: STOP.THINK.CONNECT. – Best Practices for All Digital Citizens   

Tip of the Week: 

STOP: make sure security measures are in place. THINK: about the consequences of your actions and behaviors online. CONNECT: and enjoy the Internet. This is a guiding principle so we can navigate the Internet ‒ and our digital lives ‒ safely and more securely. 

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Living in a Hacker's Paradise Music Video


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Online Identity risk Calculator

STC Online Privacy Tips


Week Two: October 12-16 

Theme: Creating a Culture of Cyber Security at Work

Tip of the Week:


Don’t get hooked by Phishers – Block it! 
Block emails that ask you to confirm or provide personal information (credit card and bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords, etc.). Legitimate companies don't ask for this information in an email. When you receive spam or other suspicious email, right click on it and select “Junk” and then “Block Sender”. This will send all future email from this sender to your Junk folder. Just remember to empty your “Junk” folder periodically. Review the ways to spot a suspicious email.

Activity of the Week: 

The biggest step in becoming cyber aware is to talk about it — a lot. Cybersecurity isn’t the kind of thing that can be addressed at one annual meeting or during one classroom discussion and then shelved until the following year. Because hackers are always evolving, so too must cybersecurity conversations. And that means they have to happen on a regular basis. If you are a student, discuss it with your friends and within the organizations with which you participate. If you are an instructor, include it as topic for discussion. If you are a staff member, talk about it during departmental meetings.

Week Three: October 19-23 

Theme: Staying Protected While We Are Always Connected

Tip of the Week:
Actions to Take After a Data Breach
As more companies collect data or offer online services that are designed to make our lives easier and more convenient, the chance of your personal data being exposed increases. If you receive a notice that your data was exposed, you should perform all of the following applicable actions:
  • Take advantage of any free credit report access and identity theft insurance and recovery services
  • Check your credit report for accounts or charges you do not recognize
  • Place a fraud alert and consider placing a credit freeze on your credit report
  • File your taxes early
  • replace your credit cards and request new account numbers
  • Change your password for that service. If any other online accounts share that password, ensure you change those as well


Activity of the Week: 


Read the informative attachment: "If you have a credit card in your wallet then this affects you." 


Watch the video explaining the benefits of the new chip and pin credit/debit cards and how to use them. 




Week Four: October 26-30  

Theme: Your Evolving Digital Life

Tip of the Week:
 View the webinar by the IT Security Team on 'Keeping our Digital Life Safer with Emerging Technology.'


Activity of the Week:
The IT Security Team hosted a Webinar on Thursday, Oct. 29 at 12 noon. Participants learned about how to keep their digital lives safer and more secure with emerging technology. The IT Security Team also covered emerging cyber security careers and building cyber-literate citizens. Ear buds or headphones are recommended for the best listening experience with the webinar.