The Web Access Login Screen has Changed Slightly

If students, faculty, and staff access web mail directly at, they will notice the appearance of the Login Screen has changed slightly.


The login screen is now grey and there is an option of choosing to use Web Access Light.  Web Access Light should be selected if you are accessing your mail on a low speed Internet connection or you are using a web browser with very strict security settings. If you are using a web browser other than Internet Explorer, the Outlook Web Access Light box will be checked and greyed out (you will be unable to uncheck it). This setting is equaivalent to the Public/Private settingin the original login screen.


You will also need to choose whether you are logging into a shared (library, classroom or lab setting, kiosk, etc.) computer or a private (only you log into it ) computer. This setting is not new and was required in the original Web Access Login Screen.


If students, faculty, or staff login into myWings to access their e-mail, they do not see a login screen, and therefore will not notice any changes.

New Login Screen for Outlook Web Access


new webaccess


Previous Login Screen Outlook Web Access