University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Executive Committee

  • Meeting
January 22, 2007
University Center at 11:00 a.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Dr. Taylor, Ms. Kendrick, Ms. Thompson, Ms. Hicks, Mr. Twomey

Other Trustees in Attendance

Dr. Klostemeyer, Mr. Coggin, Mr. Gonzalez

Staff in Attendance

President Delaney, Dr. Workman, Dr. Serwatka


The Executive Committee began the meeting by approving the minutes from the August 15, 2006 and September 5, 2006 committee meetings.


Following approval of the minutes, President Delaney briefed the trustees on the study on the State University System which was completed by the Pappas Consulting Group. The discussion focused on issues about funding, including Bright Futures and Florida’s prepaid college tuition fund; the discussion of mission leap; the need for a state-wide agenda, in contrast to individual university agendas; and the proposed “sub-system” which would emphasize baccalaureate degree production at some universities and colleges. During the discussion President Delaney talked about the Times Union article on the study. 

The trustees also spoke about the relationship between the Pappas Consulting Group study and the efforts of Lynn Pappas’s committee work.  This committee is trying to emphasize the need for greater system-wide collaboration and cooperation. The trustees spoke about the different levers the Board of Governors could use to build better cooperation in the system.


President Delaney told the trustees in attendance that he would have more to report on Friday, after the Board of Governors’ meeting on Florida Atlantic University’s campus later in the week.


The next item up for discussion was on hiring consultants to complete the Presidential and Board reviews detailed in the Presidential Evaluation protocol adopted by the Board of Trustees. Chair Taylor told the trustees that he had talked to staff from the Association of Governing Boards and was working with them to identify potential consultants for these reviews.  He was to spend more time with AGB defining the particular agenda for the reviews.


The trustees discussed their different perspectives on the reviews and suggested thye should not focus on questions about the University’s vision or strategic plan as opposed to questions about whether the University has a vision and a plan.  The review should also look at the relationship between the President and the Board.  Members of the Board also voiced interest in knowing if the Board was operating effectively.


Chair Taylor said he would continue to pursue working with AGB to identify the consultants.


The final item of discussion was potential nominees for the vacancy on UNF’s Board of Trustees.  The trustees reviewed a list of several possible candidates and asked Chair Taylor and President Delaney to continue working on narrowing the list to three or four names that they could recommend to the Governor.


The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.