University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
October 20, 2005
University Center at 2:30 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Dr. Edythe M. Abdullah, Mrs. Toni Crawford, Mr. T. O’Neal Douglas, Mr. Tom Foran, Mr. Wilfredo J. Gonzalez, Mrs. Ann C. Hicks, Dr. Judith L. Solano, Dr. R. Bruce Taylor, Mrs. Carol C. Thompson, Mr. Kevin M. Twomey

Trustees Absent

Ms. Wanyonyi J. Kendrick, Mr. Steven T. Halverson, Mr. Luther W. Coggin  

Agenda Item 1 Call to Order/Approval of Minutes (Chair Thompson)

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order and asked for a motion to approve the minutes. A motion was offered, seconded and unanimously approved.  

Agenda Item 2 Recognition of UNF’s Role in Early Literacy Programs (Mayor John Peyton)

Chair Thompson introduced Mayor John Peyton as a special guest.


Mayor Peyton began by recognizing UNF’s role in the Early Literacy Program, listing Dr. Cheryl Fountain, Director of the Florida Institute of Education as a primary contributor to this initiative. Mayor Peyton also included Trustee Crawford’s contribution, stating that her philanthropic efforts and personal attention to this initiative were instrumental to its success. He included President Delaney’s role, stating that President Delaney’s past experience as mayor allowed him to make a unique contribution.


Mayor Peyton discussed his mayoral campaign and the Early Literacy Program, stating that he sought out the top priority for the citizens of Jacksonville and found it to be education. He spoke about the path he traveled to gain insight and information on this initiative, listing UNF, FIE, and Dr. Fountain as major contributors.


Mayor Peyton concluded his discussion by outlining the achievements of the program, listing UNF’s continued involvement in establishing and maintaining guidelines to measure the success of the program.


Chair Thompson offered appreciation to Dr. Cheryl Fountain and Trustee Crawford for their contribution to the Early Literacy Program. She also offered appreciation to Mayor Peyton for his leadership and continued efforts toward this program.

Chair Thompson also congratulated Mayor Peyton upon the birth of his son. She presented him with a gift from the UNF Board of Trustees and administration. 

Agenda Item 3 Chair's Report

Agenda Item 4 Public Comment (Dr. Cheryl Frohlich)

Chair Thompson accepted a request to present an item during the open comment period which was not included in the meeting agenda. She acknowledged Dr. Cheryl Frohlich, UNF’s faculty representative for United Faculty of Florida (UFF) and permitted three minutes to present this item.


Dr. Frohlich began by stating that it was not her intent to discuss the current status of bargaining. She offered appreciation to President Delaney for setting the tone for achievement and also for his vision for the University. Dr. Frohlich tried to allay fears surrounding UFF. She stated that it was UFF’s desire to work with the University by embracing change and that UFF’s purpose was to empower faculty and create mutual respect between the University and faculty by defining character and integrity. She concluded by stating that UFF was a unified voice, with the purpose of promoting academic freedom and equity among all university members.

Chair Thompson acknowledged Dr. Frohlich’s comments, stating that she appreciated the values discussed.  

Agenda Item 5 President’s Report (President Delaney)

Chair Thompson commented on the fact that the Board was pleased with President Delaney and wanted to commend him, faculty, staff and the Foundation for their incredible achievements over the past year.


Chair Thompson stated that in the President’s inaugural address he laid out a nine-point plan. His annual self-report provided details on how he was fulfilling that plan. The Board reviewed the President’s progress and discussed these results with him in October. Chair Thompson stated that the Board wanted to publicly recognize the President’s work as exemplary. He had achieved positive results in moving the University forward. Chair Thompson told the audience that President Delaney’s leadership and vision had contributed to the University’s success over the previous year. There was a renewed awareness within the community and an increase in philanthropic support. On campus activities also showed a renewed energy and a commitment to the guiding principles established by the Board. Chair Thompson offered public appreciation from the Board to President Delaney for his contributions to the University.


Chair Thompson reported that the Board had authorized a task force to discuss Presidential compensation and contract issues. This task force would be chaired by Trustee Twomey and attended by Trustees Kendrick and Taylor. The results of their efforts would be presented to the full Board. Chair Thompson specified that any questions should be forwarded to Vice President Karen Stone, the University’s General Counsel. Ms. Stone would staff the committee.


Chair Thompson reminded everyone that there was a BOT workshop scheduled for November 9 th and she encouraged all to attend. Issues on the agenda for this workshop would include committee structure (adding an Executive Committee), researching bylaws approved by committee studies of other universities, future board leadership, consent agenda, etc.


Chair Thompson yielded to President Delaney to present his report on Presidential Goals. President Delaney told the Board that he appreciated the Chair’s comments and acknowledged that the success of the previous year included many other people.


President Delaney formally announced that Dr. Mark Workman had agreed to serve as Acting Provost, and that following the guidelines of the UNF Constitution, a search for a permanent provost would begin immediately, with the intent to conclude this search in the spring. President Delaney closed his report by indicating that the Presidential Goals for the new academic year would be discussed at the upcoming BOT workshop, scheduled for November 9. 

Agenda Item 6 Finance and Audit Committee Report (Committee Chair Twomey)

New DSO Proposal

Trustee Twomey told the Board that establishing a new Direct Service Organization (DSO) would enable the University to expand funding opportunities. Extensive discussions occurred at the committee level, as well as with the UNF Foundation where collective support was received. Trustee Douglas asked that the record show that there was unanimous support for this proposal from the UNF Foundation. Chair Thompson stated that this support indicated the strong relationship between the University and UNF Foundation.


Trustee Twomey asked for a motion to ratify and create this new DSO. Trustee Crawford offered the motion and Trustee Douglas seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.   

Traffic and Parking Regulations

Trustee Twomey stated that everyone attending the meeting knew of the long and thoughtful discussions regarding this agenda item, as well as Agenda Item 6C. He asked for a motion to approve the Traffic and Parking Regulations and the Tuition and Fees Regulation. This motion was unanimously approved.  

Tuition and Fees Regulation

See Agenda Item 6B. This motion was unanimously approved.   

TSI Audit

Trustee Twomey stated that this item was for review only and that there had been no negative findings and the audit was a reflection of a great performance.   

Foundation Audit

Trustee Twomey indicated that this item was for review only and told the Board that this was a clean audit and a reflection of a great performance.

Treasurer’s Report

Trustee Twomey affirmed that this item was for review only and that this report was an ongoing evolution and a clean report, reflecting good management of funds and cash flow. 

Quarterly Budget Report

Trustee Twomey stated that this report was for review only and reflected that the University was in good shape heading into this fiscal year. 

Agenda Item 7 Educational Policy Committee Report (Committee Chair Hicks)

Establishing a Graduate School: After being called upon by Trustee Hicks, Acting Provost Workman told the members of the Board that the move from Office of Graduate Studies to Graduate School would reflect the maturation of the University. This change would offer the same style of oversight to the Graduate School as for other departments. Trustee Hicks stated that this action would parallel the administrative structure of most graduate schools in the State University System.


Trustee Hicks asked for a motion to approve the name change of the Office of Graduate Studies to the Graduate School. Chair Thompson offered the motion and Trustee Gonzalez seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. 

Degree Projections through 2012-2013

Provost Workman indicated that there had been discussions among the executive staff, scrutinizing the growth and nature of the institution. These and future discussions would establish projections for growth management. There would be a continued focus on steady, but modest growth and commitment toward greater excellence.


Provost Workman addressed a report that would be submitted to the Board of Governors on projected growth of UNF graduates. He proffered that it was the intent of the University to seek approval for a new doctoral program in physical therapy. As indicated in the report, this would yield an increase in the number of doctoral degrees awarded by the institution.

Trustee Abdullah asked if the BOG considered targeted degree areas and specific community needs. She further asked if there had been a study to correlate the community needs of Jacksonville and future degree requirements and/or additional degrees. Assistant Vice President Perkins stated that there was a shortage of teachers, nurses, and persons in technology fields in the community.


Vice President Serwatka discussed the University’s funding efforts in this three areas, as well as its staffing and recruitment efforts.


Chair Thompson stated that this was an ongoing dialogue the Board needed to stay involved in. She included that the Board needed to target areas to provide help to address some of these areas.


Trustee Hicks asked for a motion to approve the Degree Projections through 2012-2013. The motion was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.

Tuition Waiver Policy

Vice President Serwatka discussed tuition waiver authority and the process for allocating this authority to on-campus units. The approval of this policy would allow for flexibility in moving between out-of-state and in-state tuition. Currently there was $1.1 million in tuition authority. This amount was governed by size of enrollment and the cost of tuition. The previous policy had a formula that was percentage-driven and did not take into account Board initiatives or the number of competing groups on campus. Vice President Serwatka stated that in allocating money previous waiver commitments to specific students would be given first priority. After this, University initiatives would govern the distribution of additional resources.


Trustee Hicks asked for a motion to approve the Tuition waiver Policy. The motion was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.

Agenda Item 8 Master Plan (President Delaney)

President Delaney stated that about a year-and-a-half ago, the University began to update its 10-year Master Plan. This plan had been vetted at many different levels and approval was received at about as close to a unanimous consensus as could be expected. He stated that the plan provided a good layout for the next decade. It was being brought to the Board for their approval and subsequently to the State of Florida for approval.


Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the Master Plan. Trustee Douglas offered this motion and it was seconded by Trustee Twomey. The motion was unanimously approved.

Agenda Item 9 Construction Update (Vice President Shuman)

Vice President Shuman addressed existing and future construction projects and updated the Board on progress and change orders.

  • The library renovations would continue until December but the new space was open.
  • The landscaping on Parking Lot 2 was progressing and had received many positive comments.
  • Construction had begun on the $12 million social sciences building.
  • The $35 to $40 million student union building was in the programming stage; the construction stage should be started by the end of November.
  • The education building was in the funding stage. The University received $12 million in funding and anticipated getting the next $12 million this year.
  • The East Ridge housing project was in the programming phase.
    A new welcome center was in the planning stages.
  • The skateboard park was at 80 percent completion for construction documentation and almost ready for the bidding process.
  • The photo lab, currently located in an old space that was not satisfactory, was being relocated in the Fine Arts Complex.
  • A new housing administration and student health center was in the Request for Proposal (RFP) status. Architects were being considered. Currently, these facilities were housed in portables. These accommodations were quickly becoming unacceptable because of the expansion of hours and increased number of students being served.
  • A Starbucks coffee shop was slated to open in the library atrium by the end of spring 2006. Trustee Abdullah requested clarification on the funding for the Starbucks project. Vice President Shuman stated that state funds were not available for food-service ventures. Chartwells would provide the capital investment up front and UNF would pay Chartwells through the life of the contract. This project would be revenue generated.
  • The College of Health was planning for additional space in a new allied health facility. Architects were being considered for this project.
  • A water feature, to be located off Parking Lot 7, was in the planning stages. This addition would enhance the entrance to Building 1.
  • A proposed western ridge green road was under consideration. This addition would accommodate the wildlife attributes of the campus, as well as the need for a road to the University’s northern property.
  • There were plans to complete the implementation of a wireless campus by November 2005.

Vice President Shuman stated that it was the responsibility of the Board to approve the change orders associated with this agenda item and these orders were documented in the meeting materials.


Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the construction projects change orders. The motion was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.

Agenda Item 10 Possible Campus Sanctuary (Vice President Allaire)

Vice President Allaire presented a photo rendering of a potential campus sanctuary created by a local architect. He stated that there was a real interest for this project and should it be considered, it could be used to provide additional classroom space; thus, qualify for Cortellius matching funds. The plans included locating this project around an existing water source, possibly the north lake off the Kernan entrance.


President Delaney stated that the campus sanctuary would offer an upgrade to aesthetics, as well as provide a location for introspection and thought.


This item was presented for information and review only. No action was necessary.

Agenda Item 11  Bylaw Revisions (Vice President Stone)

Vice President Stone stated that the proposed bylaw revisions had been through the EPC and FAC committee structure and approved by both.


Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the bylaw revisions. The motion was offered by Trustee Twomey, seconded by Trustee Solano and approved unanimously. 

Agenda Item 12  Updates 

Fall Profile (Acting Provost Workman)

Ms. Deb Kaye introduced the fall profile, stating that everyone was pleased with the enrollment numbers for the beginning of this year. Final fall 2005 student enrollment was 15,353. She stated that there were 1,804 new freshmen, a slightly larger number that the previous year. The intent was to grow the freshman class at a moderate rate in order to shape the class.


Ms Kaye indicated that everyone was pleased with minority enrollment growth. She included that out of all 11 SUS universities, UNF was one of four with freshman minority growth. The other 7 universities experienced a decline in minority enrollments. Also, UNF was one of two institutions where overall minority enrollment increased.


Ms. Kaye told the Board that there had been an increase in the academic profile and this was a direct result of scholarship opportunities approved by the Board. The number of scholars increased from 83 to 166. These scholars, on average, had a 4.0 GPA, a 30 ACT score and a 1300 SAT score. As a result, the academic profile produced a very high quality student with an overall average SAT score of 1160.


Ms. Kaye indicated that the Florida Bright Futures scholar increased 6.3 percent – this increase included a larger number of students outside the region.


Ms. Kaye stated that the intent of the next academic year was to increase the academic profile, with no significant growth in freshman enrollment.


President Delaney discussed the fact that on the charts provided in the meeting materials, there was a drop in the freshman GPA. This drop was a reflection in the State’s decision to change the formula for calculating the GPA. This change was comprised of a reduction in points given for high school honors and advanced placement courses. Most institutions had followed the State’s

requirements, but not all. This information would justify the differences in UNF’s figures in comparison to other SUS institutions.


Trustee Abdullah stated that the charts reflected an increase in traditionally-aged students. She asked for clarification on the reduction in students 31 to 60 age range. Vice President Serwatka offered that this increase was a reflection of UNF’s history, in that the University began as an upper division institution and was now growing the lower level division.


Trustee Taylor requested clarification on the male/female ratio, stating that the statistics from 1995 to 2005 showed a marked under representation in the male population. President Delaney suggested that this was a national trend that was disturbing.


President Delaney stated that the reduced number of African American males in post-secondary education was of particular concern. He included that Senator Tony Hill met with him and other colleagues to discuss this problem.


Chair Thompson suggested that the issue of gender and race in connection with post-secondary education should be studied further. 

Dashboard (Acting Provost Mark Workman)

Provost Workman stated that Ms. Kaye’s recruiting efforts were reflected in the charts provided in the meeting materials. He told the Board that with regard to minority enrollment, the University was committed to increasing these numbers. The University was also committed to allocating funds to recruit and hire additional minority faculty, in hopes of also diversifying the student body.


Provost Workman mentioned plans to hire additional advisors to mentor new students.


Trustee Solano asked for clarification on student retention, stating that she would like to know what happened to students who dropped out of the university after the freshmen or sophomore years – did they attend other universities? Ms. Kaye answered that UNF had an exit survey for students who withdrew from all classes but there was no tracking method for students who did not formally withdraw.


Trustee Douglass asked for clarification regarding the transfer student with an AA degree – were there any statistics on their graduation rates? Trustee Solano suggested that statistically this group of students did quite well, better than the FTICs.


Chair Thompson stated that this topic was good food for thought and would help in the planning process for the future. This agenda item was brought to the Board of information and review only. There was no action necessary.

Agenda item 13 Legislative and Governance Update (Vice President Owen)

Vice President Owen provided the Board with an update of legislative and governance issues. In her update she discussed the work of OPPAGA. She also presented a list of major issues for the year: enrollment growth, salary increases, technology needs, health insurance for graduate assistants, support for the major gifts program, and PECO funding; as well as a list of other SUS priorities: tuition flexibility, a technology fee, bonding and financing authority for DSOs, and a governance bill. Ms. Owen gave the Trustees an overview of the division of responsibilities between the BOG and the Legislature as delineated in HB 1001. She also presented a listing of relevant legislation proposed for the 2006 session.


Recognizing Board interest on several of the items, Chair Thompson suggested that the Board should have further discussion at its November workshop. She thought the Board could frame its position on some of the issues at hand.

Agenda Item 14 Adjournment (Chair Thompson)

Chair Thompson offered appreciation to everyone for their efforts. The meeting was adjourned.