University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Conference Call
August 23, 2005
at 3:00 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Edythe Abdullah, Luther Coggin, O’Neal Douglas, Tom Foran, Willie Gonzalez, Steve Halverson, Ann Hicks, Wanyonyi Kendrick, Judith Solano, Carol Thompson, Kevin Twomey

Trustees Absent

Toni Crawford, Bruce Taylor

In opening the meeting, Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the minutes. A motion was offered, seconded, and unanimously approved.

Chair’s Report

Chair Thompson began the meeting asking everyone to keep the victims of Katrina in their hearts and minds. She also thanked the members of the Board for making themselves available for this conference call meeting. She stated that because of the single item agenda she would forgo any further comments.

President’s Report


In his report, President Delaney updated the Trustees on the current state of contract negotiations between the administration and the United Faculty of Florida. He also alerted the Board to the fact that some members of the faculty had called for a demonstration expressing their frustration over the lack of closure on their contract. The demonstration was scheduled to occur following the University’s fall convocation

In his report, President Delaney discussed the University’s response to Katrina. UNF was currently enrolling college students who had been forced to evacuate their home institutions in Louisiana or Mississippi. The University had also hired a faculty member who was an evacuee from New Orleans to teach a UNF course. In addition, the University had worked with the Jacksonville Fire Department to collect food for individuals in shelters and had cosponsored a toy collection and distribution program for children in shelters.

As his final point of discussion, the President provided preliminary data on the fall 2005 class. Preliminary SAT scores for entering freshmen were at 1158 and the entering GPA was at 3.59.

AFCSME Contract

The sole action item on the agenda was the proposed ratification of the AFCSME contract. President Delaney described the provisions in the current agreement that had been re- or newly negotiated. These changes provide for (a) a 3.6% across-the-board raise mandated and funded by the State and 0.7% across-the-board increase funded by the University, effective retroactive to August 1, 2005; (b) increasing the transportation benefit to $69 per year, which is the amount that would cover the cost of the least expensive on-campus parking permit; and (c) the inclusion of a new certification-program benefit. Under this new benefit, non-professional employees who successfully complete a UNF sanctioned certification program associated with their job responsibilities would earn an additional 5% salary increase.

Members of the Board asked several questions concerning these proposed changes to the agreement. In response to questions on the purpose and scope of the certification program, Associate Vice President Campbell stated that currently the University was using this program to encourage skill development among custodial staff. They have been required to pass a test at the completion of the different training programs offered by UNF. The University is examining options for expanding certification programs to other employee groups.

In response to questions on the increased salary, President Delaney pointed out that employees covered by this agreement were among the lowest paid in the University and last year they received a bonus from the State which did not carry over to this year’s salary. He also pointed to the turnover among some the lower paid employees.

After a complete discussion of the proposed changes, Chair Thompson asked for a motion to ratify the contract. Trustee Twomey offered the motion, which was seconded by Trustee Coggin. The motion passed unanimously.


Chair Thompson adjourned the meeting.