University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Educational Policy Committee

  • Conference Call
July 9, 2004
at 10:30 a.m.

Committee members present

Chair Ann Hicks, Edythe Abdullah, Terry Bowen, Luther Coggin, Bruce Taylor, Jerry Watterson

Committee members absent

Toni Crawford


Chair Hicks called the meeting to order; roll call was conducted to verify quorum. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved unanimously.

Change of Name for the College of Computing Science and Engineering

Dean Coulter spoke to the request to change the name of the college to the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction in order to better represent the full spectrum of programs offered through the College. Committee members unanimously agreed to recommend the change to the Board of Trustees.

Approval of Change to Major in Athletic Training

Dean Chally stated that in order for the already established track in Athletic Training Education to maintain accreditation, the degree must be offered as a stand-alone major. She referred Trustees to the documentation attached to Agenda Item 4 and asked if further explanation was required. Trustee Coggin moved to approve the recommendation to the full Board. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.


Trustee Abdullah asked Dean Chally if there was any explanation for the changing number of graduates or the differences between the numbers of graduates. She remarked that enrollment appeared to be declining. Dean Chally attributed the decline partially to the difficulty in identifying clinical instructors, stating that she expected the numbers to rise. Trustee Abdullah asked if the difficulty meant that students might not get clinical experience or if it meant that less students were accepted due to the lack of faculty. Dean Chally answered that fewer students were admitted. Dr. Abdullah requested the FTE for 2002-2003.


Dean Chally offered to email the information to her. Dr. Abdullah asked what was being done to find more clinical faculty. Dean Chally answered that now graduates of the program were able to become clinical instructors. Trustee Abdullah referred Dean Chally to a figure on page 9 asking if the passing rate for the exam was going down. Dean Chally said that was an issue that had concerned her also. She said that in most health programs the passage rate was very high and that attempts were being made to increase the passage rate including experiences to more appropriately prepare students to do well on the exam. Dr. Abdullah asked if there had been changes in the exam and Dr. Chally replied affirmatively. Dr. Chally added that the pool of applicants had not been like those to the nursing program, they were qualified but did not have the higher GPAs required by the nursing program. Chair Hicks asked what was meant by limited access. Dean Chally stated that the program had the capacity to limit the number of students accepted into the program. Trustee Abdullah agreed that it was important to exceed the national average for the program and said she would be interested in more information on the subject. Dean Chally said she would get back to her with more information.

Revised Constitution for Student Government

Trustee Watterson stated that House Bill 353 had passed through the Legislature, codifying student governments into law and requiring that they have constitutions approved by the Board of Trustees. He said this was supposed to have been done by January but had not due to an error on the part of student government. He apologized for the error. Dr. Kline asked if there were any changes made in the constitution.


Trustee Watterson answered that the most recent change was the addition of a treasurer position to work alongside the comptroller position offering further opportunities for student experience and assisting in oversight to make sure funded accounts accomplished directives. Vice President Gonzalez added that though a number of changes were outlined, they were all changes since the inception of student government and the only substantive change to occur recently was the one spoken of by Trustee Watterson. He said he had read the constitution thoroughly and it was a friendly document intended to assist student government with daily operations. Trustee Coggin commented to Trustee Watterson that he’d had a very pleasant lunch with the student government vice president and another student and thought highly of their involvement in current student activities and in the University. Trustee Watterson stated that he really appreciated Trustee Coggin’s comments and that the vice president had similar sentiments regarding the visit. The committee voted to recommend Board approval of the constitution.


Chair Hicks wished everyone a grand summer and the meeting was adjourned.