University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Workshop
April 29, 2004
University Center at 8:30 a.m.

Trustees Present

Edythe Abdullah, Luther Coggin, Toni Crawford, O’Neal Douglas, Wilfredo Gonzalez, Steve Halverson, Wanyonyi Kendrick, Judith Solano, Bruce Taylor, Carol Thompson, Kevin Twomey, Jerry Watterson

Trustees Absent

Ann Hicks


Chair Thompson began the workshop by thanking the meeting participants for their attendance. She announced that Dr. Gerry Giordano had accepted the provost and vice president of Academic Affairs position and would begin his new duties in June or July. She indicated his vita for the trustees’ information included in their packets. She thanked Dr. Kline for his service to the university as provost, saying that he had been a great friend as well as a great leader. A round of applause for Dr. Kline followed her comments. Chair Thompson added that Dr. Kline would head the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Center for Ethics, Public Policy, and the Professions.


President Delaney noted that the draft of the mission statement went back to the Faculty Association’s strategic planning committee. The committee initially embraced the statement, tinkered with the idea of adding a couple of words, then decided that if the trustees were happy with the statement then the committee was as well.

Review of University of North Florida Master Plan

Chair Thompson indicated that she didn’t expect to finish agenda items 1 and 2 as the items were only for review and discussion. She then introduced Mr. Chris Flagg and Ms. Julie Perricone of Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. Mr. Flagg discussed the current master plan and some possible alternatives for use of university land, particularly the eastern ridge and the northern section of the property in relation to housing, parking, and development.


Discussion ensued regarding several possibilities including use of the research park land, alternate uses and/or locations for existing and new student housing, the new student union location, establishing an architectural identity for the campus possibly including a campus icon visible over the trees so it could be seen from the highway, changing height limitations for new buildings to maximize the use of space, alternative class schedules to maximize use of space, use of technology and online classes, and presidential housing on campus among others.

Review of Board of Governors Strategic Plan

Chair Thompson verified that the trustees had received and reviewed the draft of the Board of Governors Strategic Plan. In response to comments from the trustees she said it appeared to be an appropriate time to discuss the future size of the university. Trustees examined the issues involved in determining how large UNF should become, particularly related to the quality of the institution. A number of the trustees expressed concern about the quality of the institution, stating that they preferred to see the quality of the institution increase more than the number of students attending and overall size of the university. Other trustees suggested that the need for greater access to higher education for underserved groups. The general consensus was that quantity was less important to trustees than quality, though that quality should also recognize the need for access. Trustees suggested the need to create a vision for the university to assist in future planning and agreed to discuss the topic at a later date. In part of the discussion related to quality of programs at UNF trustees talked about seeking information on this topic from individual colleges.


Planning workshop participants also discussed the U.S. and World Report rankings. Provost Kline explained UNF’s position in the rankings and indicated that it was possible with targeted expenditures for UNF to reach the first tier. Board members agreed that a position on the first tier was not of primary importance to them, though actions that advanced the quality of the institution and also moved UNF up in the rankings could be undertaken.

Discussion on University Metrics

Vice President Shari Shuman presented several pages on university financial metrics to assist the trustees with tracking indicators as they had requested. She and President Delaney also discussed a couple of budget issues including university reserves and money spent fixing the drainage system for the soccer field in preparation for new sod to be provided by the NFL in order to use the field as a practice field for the 2005 Superbowl.


President Delaney discussed the PECO funds UNF would receive in this year’s budget, exceeding those of any previous year. He thanked Janet Owen for her hard work in Tallahassee. Chair Thompson noted that President Delaney had a great deal to do with the increase in funds as well and thanked him for his efforts on the university’s behalf. Several trustees mentioned comments they had heard in the community and traveling out of state that reflected well on UNF. President Delaney said that the marketing survey recently conducted showed that news of UNF’s good reputation was spreading in the U.S. He asked that trustees notify him with any other tracking indicators they would like measured. Chair Thompson brought the meeting to a close, noting that Trustee Gonzalez had a tape of the student athletes’ banquet to show trustees during lunch.