University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Conference Call
November 18, 2003
at 2:00 p.m.


Trustees in Attendance

Mr. Coggin, Ms. Crawford, Mr. Douglas, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Halverson, Ms. Hicks, Ms. Kendrick, Dr. Solano, Dr. Taylor, Ms. Thompson, Mr. Twomey, Mr. Watterson. Ms. Kathy Klein also participated in the conference call.

Trustees Absent

Dr. Abdullah notified the board that she would be unable to participate in the conference call due to a schedule conflict.

Call to Order/Approval of Minutes

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order, stating that she appreciated everyone’s participation. She referred trustees to the minutes of the previous meeting and requested a motion to accept. It was so moved; the motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Chair’s Report

Chair Thompson reminded trustees of the workshop on Thursday, the reason the regularly scheduled board meeting had been rescheduled as today’s conference call. Discussion from the last workshop would be continued on Thursday, particularly regarding issues that affected the University’s mission.


President Delaney added that there had been a number of presentations at the last workshop. The format for Thursday’s workshop would include more time for discussion. He announced that the Board would meet every four to six weeks for a couple of hours using Thursday’s discussion to frame the agendas for those meetings. Dr. Serwatka would have some topics to prompt discussion if needed. These future workshops would begin early next year.


Chair Thompson thanked those involved for their efforts in planning the workshop. She said this session would revolve around the Board’s future focus and framing the Board’s course of work. She said Dr. Solano would help trustees to determine how best to garner faculty input in the discussion.

President’s Report

President Delaney announced two significant gifts to the University. One gift from the Stein family would be matched to $750,000 and used to establish endowed professorships. President Delaney also thanked Toni and Andy Crawford for their gift of $1.5 million, stating that there weren’t enough words to express his gratitude for their generosity to UNF. Chair Thompson added that a number of people had been present for the announcement. She said the gift was a tremendous example of collaboration with the community. Chair Thompson noted that Ms. Crawford was extensively involved with early literacy and had been working on the gift for some time. Chair Thompson remarked upon how great the gift was for both UNF and the community. The Board applauded Ms. Crawford and thanked her for her generosity.


President Delaney provided updates on the union contract negotiations and the institution’s financial status. He stated that contract negotiations were proceeding and that Dr. Kline and Dr. Hopkins had left the University in good shape financially, which had eased the effects of the budget cuts. However, the amount was larger than last year’s budget. President Delaney said UNF had asked the Legislature to advance the PECO list for next year to accelerate this year’s request in an attempt to obtain more “one-time” monies should they become available. He added that the Governor seemed amenable to the request.


The University had been asked by the Legislature to provide information on enrollment growth and the fiscal impact of enrollment growth. The Legislature was particularly interested in Bright Futures. Also, foundation chairs and vice presidents had been asked by Representative Byrd to look at matching gift funds. One hundred thirty million dollars had been appropriated for matching gifts in the last special session. Though the usual procedure for these funds was to match gifts in the order they were received, the Legislature had decided to grant a percentage to each university based on the total number of dollars they had waiting to be matched. Based on this, UNF would get six percent of the available funding for a total of $1.6 million. This decision was to UNF’s benefit.

Finance and Audit Committee Report

Trustee Twomey stated that the FAC had recently reviewed the audits of two direct service organizations: the UNF Foundation and the Training and Service Institute. He said both audits had been good news and asked Vice President Shuman to discuss them.


Vice President Shuman reported that full reviews had been conducted of the two organizations; both received unqualified opinions and were clean audits. TSI had also given $3 million toward the new library addition. The organization had received no management letter comments. The UNF Foundation was growing, all coverages were doing well for bonds; the organization was above the minimum requirement.


The Foundation did receive one comment on management. The comment provided a heads-up to the Board to make sure trustees were aware of the situation disclosed in the University’s operational audit, which the Board had already discussed.


Chair Thompson asked if there were any questions or comments. Ms. Stone said the report was only a matter of review and oversight by the Board. The Board accepted the reports on the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee.

Title IX Gender Equity Study

President Delaney asked Ms. Kathy Klein to go over the report. Ms. Klein stated that the Federal Government required two reports: a financial analysis of courses, and participation numbers for student athletes and coaches. UNF was measuring progress against goals established during the base year of 1999/2000. Title IX insisted that institutions receiving federal funding not discriminate based on gender in sports. There were several ways to meet the federal requirement. The first was to ensure that participation opportunities for the underrepresented gender matched undergraduate full-time student enrollment figures.


She said that very few universities were able to accomplish this every year. UNF was a predominately female undergraduate university. The second route was to demonstrate a history of continued expansion of opportunities for female participation in athletic programs. A third method was to provide evidence that the institution had fully met the interest level of the student body. Ms. Klein said the University was attempting to meet the requirement through the second option mentioned: demonstration of continued expansion of opportunities for female participation in athletic programs.


Ms. Klein stated that the comparison of intercollegiate athletics with current student enrollment was 58% female undergraduates to 54% female athletes. The percentage of athletes had risen from 44% to 54%. She said that coaches’ salaries were another area of interest. Largely due to the conscious effort of the University and the administration, underfunded coaches salaries had increased from 44% to 49%. There had also been a significant increase in support for women’s athletic programs. Scholarship numbers were almost proportional with men’s programs receiving 43.8% and women’s receiving 56.2%. Additionally, she said, there was a list of program functions and activities to make sure there were no gender differences in the way programs were provided, including equipment, practice space, scheduling of games, van policy, et cetera. One issue, not quite resolved, had to do with the provision of locker room space. This issue was in favor of the women’s teams. Ms. Klein said the issue should be resolved by the completion of the soccer and track stadium.


Moving on to the goals for gender equity established in 2000, Ms. Klein said there were a number of goals. One goal was to make sure the institution remained current on student interest. This goal was examined annually. Another goal was to increase opportunities for women by 1% each year, which the University had been able to meet. The third dealt with number and compensation of coaches. A fourth goal had to do with increasing scholarship support to match undergraduate enrollment; this goal had also been met.


Trustee Solano asked if the University received money to help support Title IX efforts and, if UNF did receive money, did it go to Athletics and was it used for support of Title IX. Dr. Serwatka answered in the affirmative to all of the questions. Trustee Gonzalez commented that this subject had been a big issue during the early 1990s. He asked if any UNF students had taken an interest in the topic and written on it. Dr. Serwatka replied that he’d read all dissertations and theses written over the last four years. He had not read anything related to the subject over that time period.


Chair Thompson expressed her appreciation for Ms. Klein’s report on gender equity and asked for a motion to approve the report. Trustee Hicks made the motion; it was seconded by Vice Chair Halverson and approved unanimously.


Trustee Coggin announced that his nephew had recently moved to Jacksonville from Africa. The first president of the Republic of Zambia would be visiting Jacksonville, presenting UNF with a wonderful opportunity to hear the former president speak of his current work fighting HIV and AIDS. Mr. Coggin said he’d sent information to the President’s office regarding the visit. Dr. Serwatka thanked Trustee Coggin for the information and said he had an appointment to speak with Mr. Coggin’s nephew later in the day. An invitation would be extended to the former president to attend the holiday party for the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board, as well as a request to speak at other events on campus. Chair Thompson thanked Trustee Coggin for making them aware of the opportunity.


President Delaney said that Ms. Owen was unable to participate in the conference call thus he had relayed much of her report earlier in the meeting. President Delaney said he would like to add two items to his report. The deadline for application to Division I would be in December, however, he said he did not yet have enough information to make a recommendation. President Delaney had also asked the Technology Park to suspend sales of land east of Kernan.


Chair Thompson asked if there were any further comments then adjourned the meeting.