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University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Conference Call
February 20, 2003
at 2:30 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Dr. Terry Bowen, Mr. O'Neal Douglas, and Ms. Ann Hicks attended the meeting in person. Dr. Edythe Abdullah, Mr. Luther Coggin, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mr. Steve Halverson, Ms. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Mr. Hank Rogers, Dr. Bruce Taylor, Ms. Carol Thompson, and Mr. Kevin Twomey participated by phone, as did Ms. Janet Owen.

Trustees Absent

Ms. Toni Crawford notified Chair Thompson that she would not be able to attend the meeting.

Call to Order/Approval of Minutes

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order. Ms. Karen Stone conducted the role call and quorum was established. Chair Thompson requested a motion to approve the minutes. Trustee Kendrick proffered the motion, it was seconded and unanimously approved.

Chair Thompson indicated that she would delay her comments until just before the report of the Presidential Search Committee, deferring to President Kline to give the President's report.

President's Report

Dr. Kline spoke of a number of projects currently underway. He said the library design phase would be completed by the end of the month and the groundbreaking would take place in fall. The Science and Engineering Building was on schedule and approximately 82% complete. The building was, however, an area of concern as at least three subcontractors declared bankruptcy last week and the building would have to be available for faculty by mid-summer. The general contractor maintained that the building would be completed on schedule.

Two searches for administrative positions are currently underway: Dean of the Coggin College of Business and Library Director. The search committees were in the process of completing phone interviews and would bring the candidates to campus. Dr. Camp said the appointments should be made in April. Trustee Gonzalez suggested that candidates for the Library Director position might be interested in attending Much Ado About Books. Dr. Kline remarked that several attendees of the Board meeting would be there and thanked Trustee Gonzalez for his good suggestion. Dr. Serwatka indicated that the University Library would sponsor an exhibit at the event.

President Kline said that discussion on the purchase of Melrose Apartments continued, as did discussion on the construction of a new student union. Both of these projects would require approval from the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board. Dr. Kline expressed his hope that the conversation on these items would be concluded within the next month or two.

Dr. Kline announced that the ERP kick-off would be held on Friday, February 28, at 2:00 p.m. in the College of Health, Room 1009. Trustees were invited to attend.

Dr. Kline spent Tuesday with Archbishop Tutu in Tallahassee. Archbishop Tutu spoke to school children, a black caucus, and a legislative gathering of about 400 people. At each function, the Archbishop mentioned UNF and spoke of how wonderful the university was.

Dr. Camp was presented with an award from the Association of Teacher Educators for the University of North Florida and Duval County Public Schools for the Distinguished Program in Teacher Education. The finalists were Dayton, George Washington, and UNF. The key factor contributing to receipt of the award was UNF's urban professional development program for schools. Dr. Kline said that congratulations were due to Dean Kasten for this accomplishment. Trustee Gonzalez asked for her address.

Chair Thompson congratulated President Kline and the Director of the Fine Arts Center, Sharon Pappian, for the outstanding event held to celebrate the opening of the new Fine Arts Center, stating that the Center was great for the University and for Jacksonville.

Report from Educational Policy and Finance and Audit Committee Meeting

Chair Thompson stated that a combined meeting of the Educational Policy Committee and the Finance and Audit Committee had been held. As Mr. Halverson, previous Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee, was elected Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Twomey had been nominated as Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee and had graciously agreed to serve in that capacity. Chair Thompson thanked both Mr. Halverson and Mr. Twomey for their service to the committee.

Trustee Hicks stated that as attendance for the joint meeting had been quite strong, she would only go over a couple of ongoing items of particular interest. She spoke of the presentation on UNF surface analogues and aspirational peers by Ms. Shawn Brayton, and the ensuing decision to examine UNC Charleston and Wayne State in addition to other universities to determine ways in which UNF could become a stronger university. Trustee Abdullah asked about a difference she perceived in data from Ms. Brayton's information and data presented at the orientation for new trustees. Dean Serwatka confirmed that the data used for comparison of surface analogues was drawn from IPEDS (Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System), and was at least two years old. Trustee Abdullah suggested that the University cull its own data for use in comparisons. Dr. Kline agreed that it would be very appropriate to use data other than IPEDS for benchmarking purposes.

Trustee Hicks spoke of a presentation from Dean Serwatka profiling the UNF student body and illuminating the necessity of attracting stronger minority representation and more traditional full-time students. Trustee Hicks thanked Dr. Serwatka for his presentation, stating that she found it very informative, and said she knew he planned another, related, presentation in a few months. She then asked President Kline to talk about the request to recognize UFF as the collective bargaining agent for UNF faculty.

Request to Recognize UFF as the Bargaining Agent for UNF Faculty

Dr. Kline reminded the group of the committees' recommendation for recognition of UFF as the exclusive faculty bargaining agent, with the stipulations that the contract be changed to exclude non-faculty employees and that bargaining be initiated on a new faculty contract. No second was required for the motion as it had been recommended by the committees.

President Kline asked if there were any questions. One Trustee asked whom the University would be negotiating with in formulating a new contract. Dr. Campbell answered that a determination had been made that certification would remain at the state level although there would probably be local representation. The State would set the bargaining agenda for local universities. Another Trustee asked Dr. Campbell if she felt there would be a capacity for response to local needs and she responded affirmatively. Trustee Gonzalez asked if Dr. Bowen's question at the combined committee meeting about tenure and promotion had been settled acceptably or if action would be required by the Board. Dr. Bowen answered that the issue had been resolved; in the past, the union had deferred decisions on promotion and tenure to the Faculty Association.

Chair Thompson called the issue to a vote and the motion was unanimously approved.

Legislative Update

Ms. Janet Owen reported that Representative Mike Hogan had resigned to run for Tax Collector and a special primary would be held on April 15, with a special general election on May 15.

Ms. Owen said it was too early to determine the extent of any proposed budget cuts in the House and Senate, but thought more information should be forthcoming in the next few weeks. The eleven university presidents have collaborated on a proposal to revise the Bright Futures Scholarship Program to address the fiscal challenges of the rapidly increasing cost of the program. She said that the House Appropriations Committee had given the universities the opportunity to present their budgetary needs for the next five years. She indicated that the submittals would be for informational purposes only and would not commit the universities to any future budgetary requests. The Committee's request included each university's plans with respect to future tuition increases. Again, universities would not be committed to anything by the submission of these proposals. Ms. Owen stated that UNF staff would be working on the information over the weekend and that the Council of 100 had requested a copy of the documents once prepared. She conveyed the appreciation of the University and the Board for the interest expressed by the business community. Senator Wise pre-filed a bill on presidential salaries to cap them in terms of state resources available. Under this bill, the amount of state resources available for presidential salaries would be limited to $225,000 but universities could raise unlimited private dollars.

OPPAGA conducted a study on the residency classification and reclassification of students in an effort to fund ways in which additional dollars may be saved for the state. As UNF's residence policies are already stringently applied, proposed tightening of the law on residency status would not have much effect on the University.

The federal budget has been completed and the eleven state universities received approximately $120 million in research funds. UNF continued to fare well as part of multi-university projects and with its own project on bio-chemical terrorist response. The School Readiness HUBS Project did not receive funding but will be revisited in 2004. The University was hopeful about the ability to demonstrate state buy-in at that time. Trustee Taylor asked how much in federal funding would be sent to UNF specifically. Ms. Owen said those amounts had not yet been reported but that she would let him know when she found out.

Ms. Owen said that the response to Archbishop Tutu in Tallahassee had been very strong. People greatly enjoyed his visit and many asked how UNF had been fortunate enough to have Archbishop Tutu on campus at UNF. She remarked that the University owed Archbishop Tutu a great deal of thanks for volunteering to visit Tallahassee to help UNF.

Chair Thompson thanked Ms. Owen for her report. The Chair offered Ms. Owen the assistance of the Board if needed during this particularly important and busy legislative session.

Presidential Search Committee Report

Chair Thompson stated that the Trustees were not notified of the last search committee meeting inadvertently and that they would be notified of all other meetings. The Chair asked Trustee Douglas to serve as chair of the Presidential Search Committee. He accepted the position. The committee has been configured to include a representative from UNF alumni, the student body, the community and/or a business member of the community. Chair Thompson asked Trustee Douglas to report on the rest of the Presidential Search Committee meeting.

Trustee Douglas thanked Chair Thompson and stated that the final two committee members had been chosen and would receive information on the Florida Sunshine laws. The committee worked toward the development of a candidate profile and candidate qualifications. The draft met with wide acceptance and has been disseminated through the consultant's office and to the rest of the Board. Ms. Monell began the process of advertising the position as required. Mr. Baker also notified approximately 250 potential candidates of the position. Mr. Douglas indicated that there had already been some interest demonstrated in the position and that thus far the early news was very positive.

Committee members were speaking with faculty to garner additional input; Trustee Douglas said that faculty had been very helpful to the process. Trustee Gonzalez asked for a list of the places where the position had been advertised. Ms. Monell said she would provide him with the information. Mr. Gonzalez also suggested some additional places for advertisement. Trustee Douglas stated that both faculty and support personnel had requested an opportunity to have input into the hiring process. Mr. Douglas indicated that as much information as possible would be obtained from those groups, even if there were not enough positions available for representation from every group on the committee. Once candidates have been decided upon, he said they would be introduced to the interested parties and all would have an opportunity to participate. He said the committee would appreciate any suggestions and asked that they be relayed through Ms. Monell's office.


President Kline indicated that there would be a reception with Archbishop Tutu for the Board of Trustees hosted by Chair Thompson. He said invitations would be mailed soon.

Chair Thompson thanked everyone for participating and the meeting was adjourned.