University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Conference Call
September 30, 2002
Conference Call at 9:00 a.m.

Trustees in Attendance 

Mr. Luther Coggin, Ms. Donna Harper Gibbs, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mr. Steve Halverson, Ms. Carol Thompson, Mr. Kevin Twomey. Trustee Douglas left his vote by proxy.


Trustees Unable to Attend 

Ms. Toni Crawford, Ms. Joan Wellhouse Newton, Mr. Hank Rogers, Mr. James Stallings, Dr. Floyd Willis.


Report on PECO List 

Chair Thompson turned the meeting over to Trustee Halverson as the only item of business was the PECO list report. Trustee Halverson reminded the group of their original approval of a five-year PECO list during the June 20 Board meeting. The Board is required by state statute to file a report by October 1, 2002, requesting the funds needed over the next five years in priority order.  Each year the list can be changed, so the University is really only committing itself to the 2003/2004 requests.


Recently the facilities department engaged Law Engineering to do a study of water damage in the Social Science building.  The study revealed mold and fungus, which are not currently a health hazard but could develop into a concern prior to the planned renovation of the building in 2006. The Finance and Audit Committee recommended moving this item up on the priority list, so that renovations would begin this year.


The Finance and Audit Committee also supports moving funds for completion of the track stadium to this year, as water damage has been found there as well. To compensate for these requests, the Committee proposes deferring the road improvement projects. This would not be a disadvantage as more research is required in order to plan for additional student housing. If the Board accepts these changes, the amount requested for 2003-04 would actually decline slightly. The Board would not be requesting additional funds as a result of incorporating these recommendations. Trustee Halverson pointed out that the total anticipated amount for 2007-08 would be within $50,000 of the original request.


Chair Thompson opened the meeting for questions. Trustee Hicks asked about the Education building. Dr. Serwatka answered that an architectural rendering would be done this year as a clear signal that the University plans to continue with construction the following year. Trustee Halverson concurred, deferring the start of construction for a year was disagreeable but the planning money would ensure funding for the following year.


Dr. Serwatka also mentioned changes in the plans to delay using E &G money for a multi-purpose class space and reconsidering where the Student Union should be located. Students would prefer to postpone the remodeling of the Student Union until they can determine if there is another space available. The Robinson Center was not their first choice.


Chair Thompson reiterated that the PECO list has not yet been submitted to the State, so re-justification would not be required.


Trustee Coggin asked if any of these changes could reflect on the University or any of its programs in a negative way. President Kline assured him that they would not. Dr. Serwatka indicated that while there would be some inconvenience to staff and students through the renovation of the Social Science building, such difficulties were to be expected.


Trustee Halverson offered a motion to approve the reordered PECO list and to authorize University staff to submit the list to the Florida Board of Education. Trustee Coggin seconded the motion and it was passed by a unanimous vote.



Chair Thompson asked if there was anything else to be discussed. When no other issues were presented, she thanked everyone for their diligence in putting the meeting together and closed the meeting.