University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
October 23, 2001
University Center at 2:30 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Mr. T. O’Neal Douglas, Ms. Donna Harper Gibbs, Mr. Wilfredo J. Gonzalez, Ms. Virginia Hall, Mr. Steven T. Halverson, Ms. Ann Hicks, Ms. Lindsay Hodges, Ms. Joan Wellhouse Newton, Mr. James Stallings, Mr. Kevin Twomey, Ms. Carol Thompson, Dr. Floyd Willis.

Trustees Unable to Attend

Ms. Toni Crawford, Mr. Steven T. Halverson

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes

Chair Thompson began the meeting by asking for a motion to approve the minutes from the September 26 meeting. Trustee Gonzalez moved the acceptance of the minutes. The Board unanimously approved the minutes.

Item 3 Chair’s Report

In her report, Chair Thompson discussed a meeting she and President Hopkins attended in Tallahassee on Monday, October 15.  Mr. Phil Handy, Chair of the Florida Board of Education, and Jim Horne, Secretary of Education, called the meeting for chairs of university boards of trustees and university presidents. Governor Bush attended and addressed the meeting.  


The Governor and Mr. Handy were interested in hearing the perspectives of the different university boards of trustees.  The Governor also wanted to share information on the probable callbacks and budget reductions.  The Governor expressed a serious interest in giving universities flexibility in determining where budget cuts would come from at each institution.  The Governor and Mr. Handy also expressed a desire to give boards of trustees as much flexibility as possible in the operation of their respective universities.


The Governor also shared a list of capital projects for which he intended to seek approval from the legislature during the special session. These would serve as an economic stimulus package. President Hopkins indicated that for UNF this package would include funds for a campus road project and for infrastructure improvements.


Based on discussions about what progress boards had made to date, Chair Thompson observed that UNF was on target with or ahead of the other university boards of trustees.  


Chair Thompson then called the members’ attention to an article which ran in the Florida Times Union on the actions that President Hopkins had taken to address the expected budget cuts and callbacks.  Chair Thompson thanked the President for her leadership and asked the Board to continue their support for the President’s actions.


Chair Thompson confirmed that the Board would follow the spring term meeting schedule that appeared in the Board packets.  This schedule included on campus meetings and times for possible conference call meetings.


Chair Thompson then announced her appointments to the Board’s two standing committees.  Members of the Finance and Audit Committee are Trustees Douglas, Gibbs, Gonzalez, Halverson (committee chair), Newton, and Stallings. Members of the Educational Policy Committee are Trustees Crawford, Hall, Hicks (committee chair), Hodges, Twomey, and Willis. Chair Thompson expressed an interest in having faculty and students appointed to each of these standing committees.  Chair Thompson also pointed out that the Finance and Audit Committee would need to meet prior to the next Board meeting to review the audit of the UNF Foundation.

Item 4 President’s Report

President Hopkins began her report with an overview of the actions she had taken and the hiring freeze that she had imposed in anticipation of call backs and budget reductions.  She stated that in making the decisions related to the expected budget cuts her first priority would be maintaining instruction at the University. In these remarks President Hopkins stated that the rumor that the University would be canceling all or even significant parts of its summer school offerings were wrong.
President Hopkins announced that sometime during the week of October 29 the University would be mailing out letters to over forty adjuncts that would not be rehired. These adjuncts failed to meet the SACS criteria for teaching at the level they had been hired to teach at in the past.


As the next item on her report, President Hopkins shared information on funds allocated for capital projects at UNF.  Funds had been released to begin construction on the Science and Engineering Building. The University also anticipated the release of money from the Capital Improvement Trust Fund to complete the next phase of the Soccer and Track Stadium and Public Education Capital Outlay matching funds for the performance hall in the Fine Arts Building.


On Tuesday, October 30, Dr. Oscar Arias, the former President of Costa Rica and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, will be presenting on campus as part of the UNF Presidential Lecture Series.  President Hopkins invited the members of the Board to the presentation at 7:30 and to a special reception at 6:00 before the presentation.


At the end of her report, President Hopkins was asked if gifts to the University were considered when allocations were being made to UNF. Specifically, would these gifts lead to a reduction in allocations.  The President responded that this did not happen.

Item 5 On-Campus Security Measures

Mr. Richard Crosby, Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance, provided the Board with a presentation on security and safety procedures on UNF’s campus. In his presentation Mr. Crosby discussed current security measures, new security steps the University was instituting, and security concerns the University would need to continue to address. Mr. Crosby provided details on the UNF Police Department, the University’s environmental health and safety procedures, and the UNF Crisis Management Team.  He also talked about steps the University had taken in relation to biological and chemical materials on campus, on campus laboratories, and the UNF data network.


Following his presentation, Mr. Crosby was asked if the University had a recovery plan.  He stated that he would get a copy of the plan to Trustee Gibbs for her review.

Item 6 Legislative Issues Follow Up

At the request of the Board, Ms. Janet Owen, Director of Governmental Affairs, provided a follow up to her presentation from the last Board meeting. Ms. Owen began her follow up with an update on the different approaches proposed by the Florida House and the Senate to address the revenue shortfalls.


Following this discussion, Ms. Owen talked about four issues that all of the universities saw as important in the devolution of powers to local boards of trustees and presidents.  These four key issues are as follows:

  • Vesting boards of trustees with the responsibility of being employers for university personnel and giving them the flexibility to design personnel programs that meet local university needs;
  • Allowing universities the flexibility to operate outside the State Treasury, receiving their appropriations in a manner consistent with community colleges, and having bonding authority;
  • Giving universities the right to acquire and maintain their own financial management systems and adopt their own local information technology planning and procurement processes; and
  • Giving universities increased flexibility in setting tuition at the local level.

In answer to questions from Trustees, Ms. Owen stated that representatives from all of the universities helped develop the paper she presented.  She also talked about the fact that these items would not be discussed in the special session of the Legislature, but would come up in the regular session.

Item 7 University Budget Process

As the next item of business, President Hopkins presented Trustees with data on UNF’s sources of revenues and the University’s budgeting processes.  In her presentation, President Hopkins discussed four different categories of revenues:  Education and General (E&G); auxiliaries and local funds; financial aid; and revenues from contracts and grants, and direct service organizations. President Hopkins broke each of these categories of revenues into their subcategories, providing data on how much money UNF would get from each source and subcategory for this academic year.  She then talked about how the E&G revenues were allocated this year, including reserves. The last item that the President discussed were the various controls the University had in place to monitor its expenditures.


In the discussion that followed, President Hopkins was asked whether auxiliaries and local funds could be used to help pay for services.  The President provided examples of positions that could and were being transferred to these funding sources.

Item 8 Faculty Profile

Provost Kline presented Trustees with facts and figures about the UNF faculty.  He spoke about the numbers of part and fulltime faculty, documenting the increased number of full-time faculty and the decline in the percentage of part-time faculty over the past four years. His data also showed the make up of the faculty by gender and racial/ethnic composition. Provost Kline provided information on the qualifications of the faculty and their research contributions.  At the end of his presentation he provided short biographical sketches of two distinguished professors as demonstration of the quality of the faculty.


In the discussion that followed Provost Kline’s presentation there was a question about how UNF’s percent of minority faculty compared to other Florida universities.  While the Provost did not have the figures, he stated that he would get them.  There was also a discussion about what the differences in academic rank meant.

Item 9 Adjournment

Chair Thompson offered closing remarks and adjourned the meeting.