Title IX Committee

The Title IX Committee is charged with monitoring, evaluating, and determining if sex or gender-based equity exists in the areas of Financial Aid, Student Housing, Admissions, Intercollegiate Athletics, Employment and Compensation, and with coordinating the university's efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under Title IX and its implementing regulations, including the investigation of Title IX complaints and sexual misconduct. 



Cheryl Gonzalez
Chair and Title IX 

Ms. Cheryl Gonzalez

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Vice Chair and Compliance

Rocelia Gonzalez
Administration & Finance       
Title IX Coordinator

Ms. Rocelia Gonzalez

Donna Kirk
Athletics Title IX Coordinator
Ms. Donna Kirk

Tom VanSchoor

Student Affairs 
Title IX Coordinator

Mr. Tom VanSchoor

Karen Patterson

Academic Affairs

Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Karen Patterson

Albert Colom
Enrollment Services          
Mr. Albert Colom  

Dr. Jennifer Kane

Faculty Association
Dr. Jennifer Kane

Marc Snow
General Counsel
Mr. Marc Snow

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Human Resources

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Student Athlete

Madilyn McCarty

Cole Poppell
Student Government
Mr. Cole Poppell



Charles Strudel

University Police Department
Mr. Charles Strudel