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Staff and Other Training (2019 - Current)

two signs that say training and new skills - meeting at the intersection

Marlynn Jones

  • American Association of Access, Equity & Diversity [AAAED] Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN - June 2019
  • Teaching On-line Foundation Course, UNF CIRT - July 2019
  • Civil Rights Investigation Training and Certification Course Levels 1 and 2, Association of Title IX Administrators [ATIXA], Jacksonville, FL - November 2019
  • Title IX Investigator Training, 42nd Conference on Law and Higher Education, Stetson University College of Law Conference, Clearwater, FL - January 2020
  • Title IX Investigator Training, 5th Annual FL SUS Title IX Conference, University of South Florida Conference, Tampa, FL - February 2020
  • Title IX Training for Employees Webinar, Get Inclusive - April 2020
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention, Get Inclusive - April 2020
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training, Get Inclusive - April 2020
  • Consent & Respect Staff, 3rd Millennium - April 2020
  • ATIXA Webinar: Ten Things to Know About the New Title IX Regulations - May 2020
  • ATIXA Webinar: Members Only Question/Answer Session on New Title IX Regulations - May 2020
  • Diversity Talk Live Webcast-College Athletics after COVID-19: What is the Impact? What are the Ramifications?, Diverse Issues in Higher Education - June 2020
  • NCAA Webinar: Stronger Together: Best Practices to be Anti-racist - June 2020
  • 2020 Title IX Regulations Training Requirements and Jeopardy, August 2020

Fantei Norman

  • A Data-Driven Approach to Sexual Violence Prevention Training: Title IX Compliance (Webinar), Get Inclusive - July 2019
  • Leadership Styles: Measuring and Refining Your Skills (Webinar), HRDQU - July 2019
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace (Webinar), HRDQU - July 2019
  • Property Workshop, UNF Campus, UNF Comptroller's Office, Jacksonville, FL - September 2019
  • Civil Rights Investigation Training and Certification Course, Level 2,Association of Title IX Administrators [ATIXA], Orlando, FL - January 2020
  • 10 Strategies to Increase Student Participation in Title IX Training (Webinar), Get Inclusive - February 2020
  • Improving Self-ID Results Through Best Practice (Webinar), Local Job Network - March 2020
  • Making Communications Accessible for Remote Audiences: Creating Accessible Digital Documents (Webinar), Level Access - April 2020
  • ATIXA IX and Wine: Taking Off-Campus Jurisdiction Over Online and Off-Campus Student Misconduct During the Pandemic (Discussion and Q&A), ATIXA - April 2020
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, Get Inclusive - April 2020
  • Title IX and Sexual Violence Prevention for Employees, SafeColleges - April 2020
  • How to Quickly and Effectively Move Your Class Online (Webinar), The Bob Pike Group - June 2020
  • New Title IX Regulations: A Seismic Shift During a Pandemic (Recorded Webinar), Pepper Hamilton LLP, Attorneys at Law - June 2020
  • Reasonable Accommodations and Beyond in the Workplace, LocalJobNetwork - June 2020
  • 2020 Title IX Regulations Training Requirements and Jeopardy, August 2020

Decision Makers (Andrea Adams-Manning; Francesca Brant; Joann Campbell; Carrie Guth; Katherine Kamback; Donna Kirk; Daniel Nicolas; Karen Patterson; Jocelyn Posos; Rocelia Roman De Gonzalez; Tom Van Schoor; David Stout; Chris Warren; Rachel Winter)