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Career Checklist

Printable: Career Check List

  • Do Not wait until you are near graduation to get a ready for your job/career search. You need to start preparing as soon as you get to UNF!
  • An internship can be crucial in making contacts and learning skills that can help you get a job after graduation.  An internship is not required in our major but recommended.
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Professional Career Options

Information for possible career choices:  For more information about what you can do with a major in Political Science, click here


 Political Science & Public Administration Department
Social Science Building
Contact Director: Dr. Candler 
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Florida Clerks 
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Border Patrol
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Civil Service  
Overseas Jobs
US Department of State
US Embassy
Tom Manatos Jobs
Brad Traverse Jobs

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  Nonprofit Center of Northeast Fl 
USA Nonprofit
United Way
Peace Corps
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Washington DC U.S. Senate
Register for Senate Employment Service
Senate Job Bulletin (Both Rep. & Dem)
Senate Democrat Job Site

U.S. House
U.S. House Employment Bulletin
House of Republican Study
House of Democrats Jobs

White House / Admin. / Federal Agencies
Presidential Political Appointment 
U.S. Civil Service Jobs

Political Parties
Republican National Committee
Democratic National Committee
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  Journalism Jobs

Media / TV Stations
Political Job Hunt 
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  UNF Career Services
Career Source Northeast Fl
Jax Chamber Jobs
DC Linktank
Political Job Hunt
Political Jobs
Green Dream Jobs
Global Jobs
Orion Magazine Grassroots
Simply Hired


Careers in Political Science

Political Science Majors and Minors have a wide variety of career options.


Congressional Research         Politician            Int'l Market Researcher 
Government Relations for Corp.     Diplomat         City Manager 
Lobbyist / Organizer    Campaign Staff   Executive Assistant 
Executive Search Consultant        Labor Relations     Human Resources 
Security Intelligence Analyst  Financial Planner  Business Administrator 
Political Correspondent   Policy Analyst   Journalist    
Strategic Planning Consultant  Public Opinion Analyst   Technical Writer 
Education / Teacher / Instructor     Media Specialist   Political Consultant 
Human Rights Advocate   Public Relations Director      Urban Policy Planner 
Foreign Service Worker  Parole/Probation Officer   Legal Investigator 
Lawyer / Paralegal   Criminal Justice & Law   Editor      
Consumer Advocate   Government Affairs      Sales Manager 
Historical Archivist / Researcher   Social Worker  Event Planner 

Salary / Wage Range

NACE April 2014 Salary Survey reports an average starting salary of $41,600 a year.  

Salaries / Wages Websites
Career Services Salary Info
Florida Workforce for Innovation Salary Survey
Indeed Checker Salary
Paycheck Calculator
Hourly Wage Calculator


Political Science and Public Administration Chair, Dr. Matthew Corrigan: Political Science Careers 

Corrigan Welcome   

Career Services Contacts

UNF's Career Services offers a variety of resources to assist you in transitioning to gainful employment or graduate school, including specific information for majors in Political Science.


Valarie Robinson | Career Coordinator or
Dee Dee Wyckoff | Career Coordinator

PSPA Career Contacts

Mary O. Borg

Dr. Mary Borg | Professor

Political Science and Public Administration 


Dr. G. George Candler
Dr. George Candler | 
Master of Public Administration  


Matthew T. Corrigan

Dr. Matthew Corrigan | Chair
Political Science and Public Administration

M. Edwards
Mr. Martin Edwards | Director


Ambassador Nancy Soderberg
Former UN Ambassador Nancy Soderberg
Public Service Program