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Welcome to The Arc Jacksonville On Campus Transition at UNF (OCT)! We are pleased to be able to provide you with a convenient location for OCT resources and updates. Whether you are interested in enrolling your student or a current student, parent, UNF student, or UNF faculty/professor, we have something here for you.

OCT Mission Statement 

The OCT mission is to provide an innovative college experience for young adults with intellectual disabilities, while providing transformational learning experiences to university students, college educators, and community leaders.


Who Are We? 

ARC Jacksonville logoThe Arc Jacksonville (Arc) and UNF partnered to create this innovative program, to provide young adults with intellectual disabilities the unique opportunity of having a transformational college experience as an integral part of their transition to independence. Students participate in all aspects of college life by auditing UNF courses, joining campus organizations and clubs, and participating in recreational/leisure activities that are enjoyed by all UNF students. Students are mentored in academic, social, and recreation activities through mentoring programs with UNF student peers.


OCT In the News

The OCT has recently been in the news. Learn what people are saying and about our students.


OCT students “wows” Jacksonville by being UNF Ospreys.


Former Fletcher Homecoming Queen shares experiences with UF students on how it’s like to have Down Syndrome as a college student.


Two OCT graduates obtain part-time work with Florida Coast Service Options.


UNF student blogs about UNF’s Hidden Program.


First OCT student graduates.


OCT Graduates win the “American Dream".


Student with intellectual disability leaves foster care and becomes college student.


Two OCT students meet with legislator.


OCT student to learn how to be an actress from “Breaking Bad” star.


OCT AmeriCorps Member of the Month

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