Freshman Housing Requirement

The University of North Florida is committed to ensuring the academic and personal success of its students. In working to fulfill this commitment, over the past several years we have learned that living in on-campus housing can make a world of difference in what our students take away from their college experience and in their success rates. The benefits of living on campus are especially significant for students who have just graduated from high school and are attending their first year of college.  Research tells us that those students who live on campus during their first year

  • Have higher grade point averages,
  • make a smoother transition from high school to college,
  • have higher retention and graduation rates,
  • report greater satisfaction with their college experience, and 
  • make better use of the educational and support services provided by their universities than do commuter students.

Consistent with this perspective and to ensure the quality of the first year experience, UNF requires all first-year students to live in on-campus housing. UNF students who begin in the summer or fall terms are required to live in campus housing during their first fall and spring terms.  Students who begin in the spring term will need to live on campus during that first spring term and during the next fall term.  Summer terms are not included in this requirement.   


When living in campus housing during the first year, students must also purchase an on-campus meal plan. (This includes those students who elect to live on campus during their initial summer term.) There are several different meal plans to choose from depending on the student’s individual needs. The minimal plan provides for 10 meals per week.


Information on the different housing options available and the prices for each of these can be found at the Department of Housing and Residence Life website or by calling (904) 620-4663. 


Information on the different meal plans can be found at the Dining Services website or by calling (904) 620-2543.


Exemptions for the mandatory first-year campus residency requirement will be considered on a case by case basis. Students who are married, over the age of 21, or single parents may be exempted from this requirement. The university will also consider requests for exemptions based on medical or disability circumstances, as well as cases where significant personal hardship would be incurred. Requests for exemption consideration will be processed through the President's Office. More information is available on the Freshman Housing Requirement page provided by the President's office.