Welcome to Club Alliance! 

What does Club Alliance do exactly ? Watch our video to find out!  CA Video

Upcoming Events & Announcements


Club Alliance Gala


Food will be served, club talent will be showcased, and awards will be given out! 

Please RSVP as many people as you would like! 



Grant Request Deadline

Any Student Government money allocated to your club will be available for your club to use until July 1st. However, the Club Funding Board does not meet during summer, meaning that if you would like summer funding, plan ahead and request the money now! The deadline to turn in grant requests is Friday, April 7th! Contact us if you need any help!

Advertise Your Club:  

Club Alliance would like to help you advertise your club to the entire UNF student body! If you would like to advertise, email pictures and videos to Cacoord2@unf.edu  Your club’s accomplishments and events will be displayed at the Club Alliance Gala. 


Please note that the videos will be muted and music will be overlaid on top of them. When submitting your photos and videos, please include these three things: 

The name of your club,  the event the picture/video was taken from  and a sentence either describing the picture, the event, or both.