Student Handbook 

The online Student Handbook provides all enrolled students with information regarding students’ rights and responsibilities as members of the University community.

It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with and to adhere to all academic and University policies, procedures, and deadlines that are included in the Student Handbook and other sources including, but not limited to, the University catalog. It is also the student’s responsibility to:

  • Be proactive to research all available services and resources and ask questions.
  • Utilize information made available via myWings, the University website, and the University catalog.
  • Regularly check UNF e-mail, Blackboard, and the myWings portal for new information. E-mail is UNF’s official communication method.
  • Regularly visit academic advising to obtain pertinent academic information and curricular guidance.
  • Know and understand degree requirements and progress toward degree completion. View a Degree Evaluation and an Academic Roadmap, available through the myWings portal.
  • Take initiative to participate fully in required scholastic duties set forth in each course syllabus.
  • Know and satisfy all financial obligations.
  • Provide and maintain current and accurate personal information and records.
  • Embrace opportunities to be productive students on and off campus.
  • Exhibit integrity and ethical behavior at all times.
  • Be aware of personal safety and security.

The University has the right to change policies and procedures at any time as necessary. While reasonable effort will be made to publicize such changes, a student is encouraged to seek current information from appropriate offices, because responsibility for complying with all applicable requirements ultimately rests with the student.