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Welcome to Student Government at the University of North Florida. We are comprised of members devoted to serving the student body with pride and excellence. We actively work to meet the needs of students and to enhance the quality of campus life. We do this through hosting a variety of programs and funding student organizations. We also represent the student body on a local and state level. 


We have positions open for Treasurer, Elections Commissioner, and Marketing Coordinator. We encourage you all to apply. If you're interested in these positions, please click on the applications below for more information.


 Elections Commissioner Application 2017

           Be responsible for proposing changes to the Election Policies and Procedures to the Government Oversight Committee, when necessary, and make public an election timeline, containing all important dates, deadlines, and statutes of limitation prior to the start of each semester as they pertain to the upcoming General Election, and file all witnessed and reported violations of the Election Code and Election Policies and Procedures as Judicial Complaints against the accused candidate(s) within the constraints of the Election Policies and Procedures.


Marketing Coordinator and/or Treasurer Application 2017

           Please see application for additional information.


In addition to these openings, there are now some open positions within Club Alliance. Below you can find the applications for Club Alliance Assistant Director and Club Alliance Events Coordinator. Please click on the applications for more information.

Club Alliance Assistant Director 

Club Alliance Events Coordinator       


If you would like to see Fall Election Results, please click here.





A table containing all relevant meetings that have been announced.

Date and Time 



Relevant Documents 

Associate Justice Interview January 25th, 10am John E. Sapp Conference Room  
B&A Committee Meeting January 23rd, 6:30pm  Senate Chambers

B&A Committee January 23rd

C&S Committee Meeting January 23rd, 6:30pm John E. Sapp Conference Room C&S Committee January 23rd
GO Committee Meeting January 23rd, 5pm John E. Sapp Conference Room GO Committee January 23rd
USA Committee Meeting January 23rd, 5pm Senate Chambers USA Committee January 23rd
Associate Justice Interview  January 23rd, 2pm John E. Sapp Conference Room   
Associate Justice Interview January 20th, 1:30pm John E. Sapp Conference Room  
Building Labels
Ad-Hoc Committee
January 20th, 8am-11am Senate Chambers  
Club Funding Board      January 20th, 8am-9:45am Building 58, Room 3003  Club Funding Board January 20th
Agency Advisory Board      January 23rd, 9am-12pm JES Conference Room       Agenda; Grant Request PacketRSO Handbook: January 23rd