Office of Parent and Family Programs

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Welcome to the University of North Florida. In 2005 the Office of Parent and Family Programs was established in recognition of the vital role parents play in the academic success of their students.  Because parents are an important part of the University community, we will make every effort to promote parent communication and involvement. Whether you are parents of new or returning students, our mission is to ensure your experience with UNF is positive and rewarding.


This website will help you stay connected to the University. We will provide you information about our services and benefits and will keep you informed about campus activities and events. Also included is information that will serve as a resource throughout your student’s college career.


We encourage you to visit your daughter or son on campus during the Family Weekend which is held annually in October.  Through the Parent Association, you will find networking opportunities with parents and ways to become more involved with UNF.  If you need personal service, send your request to or call the office at (904) 620-1567.

Purpose of the Office of Parent and Family Programs

The Office of Parent and Family Programs was established to strengthen ties with parents in further support of the academic and personal success of students, to provide on-going communication between the University and UNF parents, and to further engage parents in UNF events, programs and activities. 

Parent Orientation

For more information on Parents Orientation and to register, please click here

Offer Feedback

Feedback from parents is important. We take your suggestions seriously. Please e-mail and let us know what we can do to help.

Give Now

Once an Osprey, always an Osprey.  Parents have a connection to the University of North Florida that goes beyond the classroom and continues after your student graduates. You’re welcomed here with open arms and treated as valued members of the University community. We recognize that you are already making a significant investment at the University of North Florida with tuition. Any gift over and above that is greatly appreciated. A gift of any size is significant when combined with hundreds of other gifts.

Each year, UNF relies on the generosity of parents to help provide the best educational experience for your student as well as others through your donations to the Office of Parent and Family Programs. We invite you to help us meet our challenge of raising $50,000/year to make a difference that will impact not only your student, but the entire student body. Please click the image below to make your gift. 


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