UNF Housing Contract

We are excited that you want to live on campus at UNF! The Housing Contract is available to all students through myWings to complete and to view after submission.


With each student’s first Housing Contract, a $300.00 pre-payment is required. $100.00 of the $300.00 is a one-time, non-refundable, processing fee. The remaining $200.00 is applied toward the cost of rent and may be refundable if the contract is cancelled, depending on the timing of the cancellation request. Students are highly encouraged to carefully review the terms and conditions of each contract they choose to submit.


The current active Housing Contracts govern all first-year and upper-class housing areas excluding The Flats at UNF.  If you are interested in living at The Flats at UNF as an upper-class student, please visit The Flats at UNF office/clubhouse to explore it as a housing option.  The Flats at UNF office is open each business day (Monday – Friday) that the University is open and is located at 4850 1st Coast Tech Parkway, Jacksonville, Florida 32224.

To submit a Housing Contract, follow these steps:


 To submit a Housing Contract, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to myWings, and select the "Student" tab.
  2. Under "My Records," select "Student Self Service."
  3. Select "Student Housing," and then "Student Housing Contract."
  4. Choose the term for which you want to complete the housing contract, and then select "Submit."
  5. If you are not a current resident, you will be required to process the non-refundable $100.00 processing fee, as well as a $200.00 prepayment of rent.
  6. Once you have processed payment, or if you are a current resident, and then complete the Housing Contract.

If at any time you need to review your completed contract, log into myWings and then use the same process as laid out above to view your completed contract.


The following terms and conditions are available for review before submitting a Housing Contract: