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Leadership is the fundamental difference that causes success in organizations of all types and sizes. The power and impact of a leader and the leadership team cannot be stated too strongly. But leadership that exists solely at the top of the organization is not sufficient. Leadership must exist at multiple levels of the organization. A single leader at the top must develop a competent, aligned leadership team that shares in the organization’s vision and strategic direction. And leadership at subsequent levels of the organization is essential for the successful execution of that strategic direction. At all levels, passionate commitment and energy is required to drive sustaining competitive advantage.


There is little disagreement that the leaders of an organization create its greatest strength and competitive advantage. Yet the development of leadership talent, both individually and collectively as a team, may be one of the greatest challenges facing an organization.


The development of leadership requires the selection of talent with leadership potential, mentoring and coaching for greater responsibilities, and carefully crafted leadership development experiences to develop and nurture that talent.


Leaders learn best when they can apply what they are learning to the challenges and opportunities they face in their work environments. They become a more effective senior team when they are learning how to work together as a team while solving real problems in their own organizations.

Developing executives and senior managers in a learning environment where those leaders can apply what they are learning in a real-time setting is the most effective way to accomplish three simultaneous goals:

  • Developing the individual skills of each leader
  • Developing the ability of the senior team to work together
  • Addressing and solving real-time organizational challenges and opportunities

Based on these principles the UNF Division of Continuing Education has developed and offers a suite of programs and services designed specifically for busy executives and managers who would like to apply their learning while addressing real-time organizational issues. By combining the learning experience with real-time problem resolution an immediate ROI is generated for the organization, along with the longer and even more powerful ROI of a high performing organization driven by committed, competent leadership.


UNF is pleased to offer these services in partnership with Work Systems Associates, Inc. (WSA). WSA is a leadership and organizational development consulting organization that has been in practice since 1980. Dr. Harold S. Resnick, the founder and president of WSA, personally offers this exciting leadership program both as a customized service for organizations that want their own internal program, and as a shared experienced through the UNF “Invitational Leadership Program.”


For further information regarding any of these executive offerings, or to schedule an exploratory conversation with any of the executive development consultants, please contact Lori Frederick at (904) 620- 4200 by e-mail.


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