Graduate Transformational Learning Opportunities (TLO)

Currently, the University of North Florida enrolls over 16,000 undergraduate students and 1,800 graduate students. While the university will continue to grow, it will do so strategically in order to maintain the high quality experience that awaits students at an institution large enough to offer a broad range of rich academic programs and small enough to allow for exceptional attention to the interests and ambitions of individual students. To assure that every student will receive such attention, President Delaney launched an initiative to provide UNF students with what are referred to across the university as “transformational learning opportunities."


Transformational learning opportunities may take a myriad of forms: study abroad experiences; service learning experiences; research experiences with a faculty member; internships, practicum, field and co-op experiences; directed independent studies with a faculty member; learning communities; and leadership experiences. Because this list of categories does not exhaust the full range of potentially transformative and enriching student learning opportunities, proposals are not limited to these categories.

For more information regarding the application process and timeline, please see the Transformational Learning Opportunities homepage.