Lobby Display Policy

Policy #0005
Access Services



This policy governs the selection and placement of all items displayed in the library lobby, including but not limited to:

  • literature
  • publications
  • free-standing displays and racks
  • donation boxes


  • No flyers or announcements (except those relating to library operation) may be posted on any glass surfaces in the lobby and foyer. Items attached to the glass by anyone other than Library personnel will be removed immediately.
  • The only publication that is currently approved for location in the lobby is the display rack with the Spinnaker.
  • No food/donation boxes may be placed in the Library lobby.
  • Materials placed on the kiosk in front of the first-floor elevators must pertain to events and activities that are library-sponsored or library-related and support the Library mission.
  • The Library does not provide a public bulletin board for the posting of announcements. Student Union Events Services reviews and approves flyers and coordinates the posting of material on bulletin boards in strategic locations throughout the campus. For information, phone (904) 620-1496.
  • Requests for placement of items in the Library lobby will be referred to the Head of Access Services or the Director of Public Services.