Presidential Envoys 

The members of the Presidential Envoys are the recognized student leaders of UNF who serve as student ambassadors to the Alumni Association and the Office of the President. Founded in 1985, they provide outstanding service to the campus and community and possess strong leadership and communication skills that will transition them from students to successful alumni.  



Meet our 2017-2018 Presidential Envoys Executive Board: 


Jenna Troiso 
Jenna Troiso, '18
  Emily Gansert
Emily Gansert, '18
Vice President, Events 
  Rebecca_Crosby head shot
Rebecca Crosby, '20
Vice President, Administration
Alexis Velez
Alexis Velez, '18
Vice President,
External Programming 
  Helen Kostandarithes head shot
Helen Kostandarithes, '18
Vice President,
and Student Engagement
Aida Husovic head shot
Aida Husovic, '19
Vice President,
Internal Programming
  Zelijana Zoric
Zeljana Zoric, '18
Vice President, Networking
and Profession Development 
  Connor Bradley head shot
Connor Bradley, '19
Vice President, Fundraising

What do the Presidential Envoys do? 


Envoys at Commencement 2014

Presidential Envoys is an organization that provides student leaders with the opportunity to participate in events sponsored by the Alumni Association, the Office of the President, and University Development and Alumni Engagement. Members are committed to completing a number of campus and community service events per semester. Envoy participation helps the University offer more quality events for alumni, friends, faculty and staff while providing networking opportunities for the members. Responsibilities of Presidential Envoys include serving as hosts and hostesses at campus events, assisting the Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving and coordinating campus-wide community service to rally other students as well as alumni, faculty and staff together in a joint effort.

Presidential Envoys offers a wide variety of activities and membership benefits, there is something for EVERYONE! From leadership opportunities, socials, networking and mentoring opportunities - you can find it all in Presidential Envoys.

Who can join the Presidential Envoys?   
Envoys at Conference 2015



Applications are now being accepted for spring 2018 recruitment! Click here to complete your application today!

All UNF students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for membership. Applications are invited during the spring term from the student body at-large and require an explanation of the applicant's desire to serve the University. Members are selected through a written application and interview process. Personality, participation in campus activities, dependability and ability to represent the University and its President in a positive manner are also considered. Presidential Envoys are honored to serve as ambassadors for the University as well as our fellow students, alumni and community and we look forward to welcoming you on board! 

Questions? Interested in learning more? Please contact the Presidential Envoys President at or the Presidential Envoys adviser, Leah Case at with questions.   

Presidential Envoys Benefits:   


Envoys at Jacketing Ceremony


  • Networking with alumni and distinguished University guests
  • Mentoring opportunities 
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Community service opportunities
  • Lasting friendships
  • FUN!


Each new group of Envoys will complete a training session which includes an overview of the University's history and organizational structure, familiarity with campus locations, protocol, etc.   

Presidential Envoy Requests:  


Envoys at Reception  


In an effort to equip our Presidential Envoys to be top-tier ambassadors for the University, we have made some changes to the program to reinforce its mission and goals. Going forward, the Envoys will only be able to support events sponsored by the President’s Office and University Development and Alumni Engagement – these events alone are more than 40 in a year. Our university is growing, and while the Envoys would love to support all of the wonderful events happening across our campus we, do not have the capacity do so.  We would encourage other departments looking for campus ambassadors to reach out to volunteer student organizations within your unit. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you again for your support!


How we show our Osprey Pride:   


Envoys at Flowers Envoys at Golf Tournament  Envoys at Zoo      

Envoys at Swamp Ranch
Envoys at Ropes Envoys in President's Office