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Poster Design

Please read this entire page carefully before you submit your poster to the OUR for printing. 


Creating a research poster allows you to use all your talents -- delivering not only the knowledge you gleaned from your research, but displaying analytical and organizational skills and your aesthetic sense of art and design. You might want to look at poster examples on the SOARS 2020 Virtual Conference website, or view a recent YouTube video on rethinking traditional poster designs. The OUR also has some practical handouts that might help you. Email us at if you'd like us to send those handouts to you.

Steps for creating a poster and printing it through the OUR

  • Create your poster using PowerPoint. See the section below entitled "Poster requirements."
  • Carefully read the section below entitled "Cost of poster printing."
  • Pay for your poster. Carefully follow all instructions on the payment website. Although the website asks for a shipping address, we do not ship posters.
  •  After you pay, submit your poster to the OUR by emailing the poster file as an attachment to You may send a PowerPoint or PDF file (.ppt, .pptx, or .pdf). No other formats are accepted. You should receive a confirmation email 24 hours after submitting your poster (not including the weekend). If you do not receive confirmation, please email again to inquire.
  • Your poster will be ready no later than one week (five business days) after it was submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research. 
  • Pick up your poster in Building 1 (J.J. Daniel Hall), Suite 1400 (Undergraduate Research). Your poster will be rolled up, labeled, and available from the poster storage unit just inside the door. Be sure to sign the form stating that you picked up your poster.

Poster requirements

  • The ideal poster size for the specialized printer in the OUR is 4' x 3' (48" wide x 36" high). Poster height cannot exceed 42" inches (limit determined by the size of the paper), but it is possible to print a wider poster -- for example, 54".
  • Please name your poster file using the following protocol: author last name_poster dimensions (e.g., Smith_48x36).
  • The OUR can only accept and print PowerPoint or PDF files. We do not accept Word, Publisher, or any online links to files. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • We do not recommend using online template services to create your poster (e.g., These templates often do not print properly through our computers and printer. If you choose to use an online template service, you must print your poster through that company's website. If you design your poster using an online service and print it through our office, you will be liable for that poster and its printing cost despite any errors and/or image or text distortions.
  • You must set the dimensions of your poster within the file before you save it and send it to us. For example, if you want a 48" x 36" poster, custom size your PowerPoint slide to 48" x 36." Helpful tutorials on resizing a poster file can be found on YouTube. The OUR will not resize posters for you. See the section below entitled "Poster templates."
  • You must pay for your poster correctly and in full before we are able to print it.
  • As a general rule, you must submit your poster for printing no later than one week before you need to pick it up. Please do not wait until the last minute to pick up your poster in case it needs to be reprinted. 

Cost of poster printing

Read the instructions on the payment portal very carefully. Note that in this payment system, the word "quantity" refers to inches. The cost of poster printing is $.54 per linear inch. The printing cost is determined by the longest side of the poster; that is, a 48" x 36" poster will cost $25.92 (48 inches x $.54 = $25.92) plus tax. Enter the number of inches -- the measurement of the longest side -- next to the word "Quantity" to calculate the price of your poster. Do not enter "1" (as in 1 poster) for "Quantity" during payment.

Poster templates

If you need a template or inspiration to create your poster, please refer to the beautiful Poster Template Gallery posted on the UNF CIRT (Center for Instruction and Research Technology) website. There you will find PowerPoint templates in Horizontal, Vertical, and Tri-fold formats (look to the upper left corner of the page). CIRT Tri-fold templates are already sized as 4' x 3' (which is 48" wide x 36" high). However, if you choose to use a Horizontal or Vertical template from CIRT, you must resize the poster to 48" x 36" before you submit it to OUR for printing. The OUR will not resize your poster for you since some font sizes may also need to be adjusted. 

Frequently Asked Questions