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How to submit a research paper or multimedia project for publication in PANDION

Submission of a research article or multimedia project for publication in PANDION is a multi-step process. Submissions must first be nominated by the student's faculty mentor.


PANDION solicits and accepts on a rolling basis faculty nominations of outstanding student research papers or multimedia projects which have been revised and are in final form suitable for publication. To nominate a student paper or project, please complete the PANDION faculty nomination form.


Once a student paper or project has been nominated and endorsed by the faculty mentor, the student author will receive an email with next-step instructions. For more information, please see PANDION "Policies" or contact Dr. Karen Cousins,

Citation quick guides to use before you submit your paper

Faculty-nominated submissions to PANDION are expected to have been revised and proofed and be publication-ready. Please understand which reference system is specific to your academic field, and confirm the accuracy of your textual and bibliographic citations in the following quick guides: 

  • APA style (American Psychological Association), which is often used in the Education, Social Science, and Science disciplines
  • MLA style (Modern Language Association) is most often used in the Humanities, such as English
  • Chicago/Turabian Notes and Bibliography style is generally used in History and the Fine Arts, and Chicago/Turabian Author and Date style is often used in Business