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2018-2019 Catalog

2018-2019 Undergraduate Courses

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Except, Deaf & Interpreter Ed.

ASL2140: American Sign Language I 4 ASL2150: American Sign Language II 4 ASL3226: Advanced ASL Proficiency 3 ASL3301: ASL Structure 3 ASL3435: Fingerspelling and Numbering Systems in ASL 3 ASL3514: Deaf Culture 3 ASL4131: American Sign Language III 3 ASL4205: Methods of Teaching ASL-English Bilingual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 3 ASL4211: American Sign Language IV 3 ASL4324: Advanced ASL Discourse 3 EBD3011: Nature and Needs of Emotionally Handicapped Learners 3 EBD4212: Behavior Management Techniques for Use with Emotionally Handicapped Learners 3 EBD4231: Specialized Curriculum for Emotionally Handicapped Learners 2 EBD4243: Instructional Strategies for Students with Emotional Handicaps 2 EDG2000: Career Planning and Professional Success 3 EEX3004: Disability and Community Support Agencies 3 EEX3005: Introduction to Disabilities 3 EEX3070: Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities 3 EEX3202: Psychology and Sociology of Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3250: Reading Methods for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3251: Mathematics Methods for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3252: Language Arts for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3253: Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in Secondary Education Content Areas 3 EEX3488: Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in Secondary Education Content Areas 3 EEX3754: Impact of Disabilities on Families, Schools, and Communities 3 EEX4067: Affective and Functional Living Skills for Students with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4101: Language Development and Disorders v. 2-3 EEX4201: Pre-Kindergarten and Primary Children with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4221: Educational Assessment for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4253: Literacy and Academic Strategies for Students with Varying Exceptionalities 3 EEX4255: Curriculum and Individualized Planning for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4281: Career Development and Transition for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4474: Teaching Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities 3 EEX4484: Math and Science for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4604: Behavior Management and Research for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4616: Classroom Management of Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4753: Cooperative Consultation in Exceptional Student Education 3 EEX4794: Educating Urban Students with Diverse Learning Needs 3 EEX4861: Internship v. 3-12 EEX4905: Individual Investigation and Study v. 2-3 EEX4930: Seminar in Exceptional Student Education v. 1-3 EHD3941: Deaf Education Field Practicum I v. 2-3 EHD4245: Language and Literacy Assessment & Instruction for DHH Students 3 EHD4248: Foundation of Literacy Development Deaf/Hard of Hearing I 3 EHD4261: Audiology and Speech Science 3 EHD4263: Methods of Teaching Listening and Spoken Language to DHH Students 3 EHD4270: Teaching DHH Students in Diverse Settings 2 EHD4291: Content Area Curriculum & Instruction for DHH Students 3 EHD4293: Reading Instruction and Assessment for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 3 EHD4311: Psychology and Education of the Deaf 3 EHD4904: Independent Study in Deaf Education v. 1-4 EHD4940: Deaf Education Field Practicum II 2 EHD4943: Service Learning Practicum in Deaf Education 2 EHD4944: Deaf Education Internship 12 ELD4144: Instructional Strategies for Individuals with Learning Disabilities 2 ELD4230: Curriculum for Students with Learning Disabilities 2 EMR4222: Specialized Curriculum for Students Who Are Mentally Handicapped 2 INT1000: Introduction to Interpreting 3 INT2010: Discourse Analysis 3 INT2113: English to ASL Sight Translation 3 INT2204: Interpreting in Community Settings 3 INT2303: Interpreting Field Experience 4 INT3011: Linguistics for Interpreters 3 INT3134: Applied Ethics in Interpreting 3 INT3205: Cognitive Processing 3 INT3270: Advanced ASL Classifiers for Interpreting 3 INT3271: Interpreting Consecutive Dialogue 3 INT3280: Mentorship and Certification Preparation 3 INT3301: Interpreting Assessment Preparation: Knowledge 3 INT3302: Interpreting Assessment Preparation: Performance 3 INT3950: Introduction to Service Learning in Interpreter Education 3 INT3951: Service Learning in the Deaf Community 3 INT4272: Interpreting Simultaneous Dialogue 3 INT4273: Interpreting Simultaneous Monologue 3 INT4404: Interpreting in Educational Settings 3 INT4410: Interpreting for Persons who are Deaf-Blind 3 INT4455: Interpreting for Diverse Populations 3 INT4910: Research in Interpreting 3 INT4945: Interpreting Practicum I 3 INT4947: Interpreting Practicum and Portfolio Presentation 6 LDR3240: Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations 3 SLS3408: Employability Skills and Career Success 3