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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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Soc, Anthro, & Social Wk

ANT2000: (CD) Introduction to Anthropology 3 ANT2423: (CD) Kinship and the Family 3 ANT2930: Special Topics in Anthropology 3 ANT3101: Fundamentals of Archaeology 3 ANT3212: (CD)(FC) Peoples and Cultures of the World 3 ANT3243: (FC) Comparative Muslim Cultures 3 ANT3311: FC - Indians of the Southeastern U. S. 3 ANT3312: (CD)(FC) North American Indians 3 ANT3355: The African Diaspora 3 ANT3414: Principles of Socio Cultural Anthropology 3 ANT3462: Health, Illness and Culture 3 ANT3514: Principles of Physical Anthropology 3 ANT3610: Linguistic Anthropology 3 ANT3933: Seminar in Anthropology 3 ANT4025: The Anthropology of Death 3 ANT4034: Survey of Anthropological Theories 3 ANT4083: Quantitative Methods in Anthropology 3 ANT4115: Archaeological Research Strategies 3 ANT4158: Florida Archaeology 3 ANT4180: Archaeological Lab Methods 3 ANT4241: Anthropology of Religion 3 ANT4352: (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Africa 3 ANT4444: Cities and Globalization 3 ANT4497: Ethnographic Methods 3 ANT4620: Language, Culture, and Society 3 ANT4821: Archaeological Field Methods v. 3-6 ANT4905: Directed Independent Study in Anthropology v. 0-3 ANT4931: Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology v. 3-6 ANT4970: Honors Thesis in Anthropology v. 3-6 SOW2031: Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work 3 SOW3203: Social Welfare Institutions 3 SOW3213: Social Welfare Policy 3 SOW3293: Social Work Communication 3 SOW3403: Social Work Research Methods 3 SOW3620: Social Work with Diverse Groups 3 SOW4101: Human Behavior and the Social Environment I 3 SOW4102: Human Behavior and the Social Environment II 3 SOW4122: Inside the Asylum 3 SOW4302: Social Work with Individuals and Families 3 SOW4322: Social Work with Organizations and Communities 3 SOW4323: Social Work Practice with Groups 3 SOW4352: Principles of Social Service Provision 3 SOW4511: Field Education I 3 SOW4512: Field Education II 3 SOW4522: Field Seminar I 3 SOW4523: Field Seminar II 3 SOW4602: Social Work in Health Care 3 SOW4651: Child Abuse and Neglect 3 SOW4700: Substance Abuse and Social Work Practice 3 SOW4724: Child Welfare Practice 3 SOW4794: Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees 3 SOW4905: Directed Independent Study - Social Work v. 3-6 SOW4930: Special Topics in Social Welfare 3 SOW4944: Child Welfare Practicum 3 SYA3300: Sociological Research Methods 3 SYA3310: Qualitative Research Methods 3 SYA3450C: Social Science Data Analysis 3 SYA4010: Sociological Theory 3 SYA4654: Sociological Approaches to Program Evaluation 3 SYA4905: Directed Individual Study v. 2-6 SYA4914: Sociological Research Experience v. 2-6 SYA4930: Special Topics in Sociology v. 2-5 SYA4943: Sociology Internship 3 SYD3020: Social Demography 3 SYD3410: Urban Sociology 3 SYD3700: (CD) Racial and Ethnic Minorities 3 SYD3800: (CD) Gender and Society 3 SYD4510: Environment and Society 3 SYD4702: Race, Place and Inequality 3 SYG2000: Introduction to Sociology 3 SYG2013: (CD) Sex, Race and Social Class: A Sociological Examination of Culture and Diversity 3 SYO3110: Sociology of Sexualities 3 SYO3530: Social Stratification 3 SYO4100: Sociology of the Family 3 SYO4200: Sociology of Religion 3 SYO4300: Political Sociology 3 SYO4370: Sociology of Work 3 SYO4400: Health, Illness and Society 3 SYO4500: Sociology of Organizations 3 SYP3440: Social Change and International Development 3 SYP3570: Deviance and Social Control 3 SYP4050: The Sociology of Human Interaction 3 SYP4351: Social Movements and Social Change 3 SYP4730: The Sociology of Aging 3