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2021-2022 Catalog

2021-2022 Graduate Courses

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Nutrition & Dietetics

DIE6127: Advanced Administration of Food and Nutrition Services 3 DIE6248: Clinical Nutrition 3 DIE6390: Nutrition and Health in Refugee Populations 3 DIE6900: Dietetics Readings and Conference v. 1-3 DIE6906: Dietetics Independent Study and Research v. 3-9 DIE6912: Projects in Nutrition and Dietetics v. 1-6 DIE6931: Special Topics in Dietetics 3 DIE6940: Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics I 3 DIE6941: Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics II 3 DIE6942: Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics III 3 DIE6943: Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics IV 3 DIE6945: Dietetics Field Experience v. 3-9 DIE6970: Thesis v. 1-6 HSC6509: Nutritional Epidemiology 3 HUN5265: Methods of Nutritional Assessment 1 HUN6123: Sociocultural Influences on Nutrition 3 HUN6249: Nutrition and Metabolism 4 HUN6285: Nutrition and Metabolism I 3 HUN6331: Nutrition and Metabolism II 3 HUN6522: Advanced Public Health Nutrition 3 HUN6612: Nutrition Education and Counseling 3 HUN6910: Nutrition and Dietetics Research 3 HUN6911: Nutrition and Dietetics Seminar v. 1-3 HUN6916: Advanced Concepts in Nutrition and Dietetics 3 HUN7219: Advanced Concepts in Clinical Nutrition 3 HUN7518: Advanced Concepts in Public Health Nutrition 3 HUN7525: Advanced Nutrition Leadership and Public Policy 3 HUN7548: Nutrition for Global Health 3 HUN7625: Advanced Nutrition Counseling 3 HUN7638: Teaching Nutrition in Higher Education 3 HUN7645: Current Trends in Nutrition and Dietetics 3 HUN7788: Nutritional Genomics 3 HUN7803: Advanced Topics in Nutrition Science 3 HUN7805: Advanced Concepts in Nutritional Epidemiology 3 HUN7808: Qualitative Methods in Nutrition Research 3 HUN7820: Advanced Concepts in Nutrition and Wellness 3 HUN7831: Grant Development 3 HUN7939: Doctoral Seminar in Nutrition 3 HUN7943: Advanced Practice Residency v. 3-6 HUN7981: Pre-Doctoral Dissertation v. 1-3 HUN7985: Doctoral Dissertation v. 1-9