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2020-2021 Catalog

2020-2021 Graduate Courses

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Public Health

HSC6138: Sexuality Education 3 HSC6165: Global Sexuality and Reproductive Health 3 HSC6215: Environmental Health 3 HSC6526: Special Topics/Infectious & Noninfectious Diseases 3 HSC6585: Health Communication 3 HSC6587: Public Health Program Planning 3 HSC6601: Animal Assisted Interventions and Therapies in Healthcare 3 HSC6603: Theoretical Foundations of Behavior Change 3 HSC6625: Global Health 3 HSC6675: Global Health: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 3 HSC6712: Evaluation of Health Programs 3 HSC6716: Health Program Evaluation 3 HSC6735: Public Health Research 3 HSC6816: Field Experiences in Health v. 3-6 HSC6906: Independent Study and Research v. 3-9 HSC6931: Special Topics 3 MHS5403: Expressive Arts and Creativity in Counseling 3 MHS6070: Psychopathology 3 MHS6205: Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis 3 MHS6305: Career Counseling 3 MHS6401: Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community Settings 3 MHS6402: Overview of Brief Counseling 3 MHS6404: Theories in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3 MHS6405: Advanced Counseling 3 MHS6423: Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents 3 MHS6428: Counseling Diverse Populations 3 MHS6430: Introduction to Family Counseling 3 MHS6436: Counseling Military Families 3 MHS6440: Counseling Couples 3 MHS6444: Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling: Theory and Practice 3 MHS6448: Grief and Loss in Counseling 3 MHS6450: Addictions Counseling 3 MHS6470: Sexual Issues in Counseling 3 MHS6486: Human Development Across the Lifespan 3 MHS6500: Advanced Practice in Group Therapy 3 MHS6510: Group Counseling 3 MHS6700: Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Counseling 3 MHS6800: Practicum in Mental Health Counseling v. 3-6 MHS6830: Internship in Mental Health Counseling 3 MHS6876: Clinical Research and Outcome Eval in Mental Health Counseling 3 MHS6905: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 MHS6916: Conceptual and Research Independent Study in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3 MHS6930: Special Topics in Counselor Education v. 1-3 MHS6931: Contemporary Problems and Issues v. 1-3 MHS6941: Clinical Counseling Skills 3 MHS6970: Thesis A v. 1-6 MHS6971: Thesis B v. 1-6 PHC6000: Epidemiology I 3 PHC6002: Infectious Disease Epidemiology 3 PHC6003: Chronic Disease Epidemiology 3 PHC6011: Epidemiology II 3 PHC6020: Introduction to Clinical Trials 3 PHC6045: Emerging Issues in Epidemiology 3 PHC6050: Public Health Biostatistics I 3 PHC6051: Public Health Biostatistics II 3 PHC6102: Public Health Policy and Advocacy 3 PHC6103: Applied Social Behavioral Science 3 PHC6149: Public Health Leadership and Management 3 PHC6450: Community Organization in Public Health Practice 3 PHC6762: Global Health Epidemiology 3 PHC6940: Public Health Capstone 3 PHC6945: Public Health Internship 3