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UNF 25th Anniversary

Dear Alumni and Friends of the University,Adam Herbert


As you look at this web site and review the accomplishments of the University of North Florida over its first quarter century, one reality clearly stands out -- UNF is an exciting chapter in an amazing story of progress in Jacksonville and the State of Florida.


The timelines depicted herein clearly illustrate the rapid development and evolution of the University of North Florida into the ranks of the best universities in the nation. They also graphically depict a University which has become a vital part of the cultural and civic fabric of Jacksonville. From the day UNF opened its doors in 1972, one of our highest priorities has been responsiveness to regional needs. This is reflected in our focused institutional mission to provide nationally recognized, high-quality academic programs which produce an expanding pool of the highly trained professionals on which regional economic growth depends. It also is reflected in our extensive involvement in such areas as: K-12 education, the fine arts, music, civic affairs, community health and economic development.


As we pause to reflect with pride on the past, our focus must not be diverted from the future. We are even more excited and optimistic about the growth and development of the University of North Florida over the next 25 years. We will continue our quest to become the best comprehensive university in America. We will continue to build upon our reputation as being one of the nation's most outstanding undergraduate degree-granting institutions. We will continue our efforts to attract and educate outstanding students from throughout this community, the State of Florida and the world. We also will continue to do our part to assure that Jacksonville and the First Coast region are among the best places in America to live and work.

Please join us as we celebrate this important milestone in the history of the University of North Florida -- a quarter century of very high academic achievement and dedicated community service. Of equal importance, join us as we continue to build a university of distinction which will be a source of great pride to Jacksonville and the State of Florida for centuries to come.