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Wanda B. Hedrick

Current Courses

RED 3333
Reading Methods for Secondary Teachers

This course is designed to provide undergraduate pre-service teacher education students with background knowledge, skills, and strategies to enable them to enhance students' abilities to process informational texts. In addition to the textual factors, this course examines contextual and cultural factors that influence reading. The course considers the range of reading abilities of secondary students, texts used in these grade levels, and strategies for teaching and evaluating vocabulary, comprehension, and thinking skills in the content areas

RED 6990
Advanced Reading Assessment

This experimental course is being taught to the Ketterlinus reading cohort and is meeting a requirement for reading certification. The course looks specifically at reading assessments in the state of Florida and the United States broadly.

LAE 4312
Measurement, Evaluation & Planning for Literacy Development

In accordance with the conceptual framework, this course is designed to assist elementary teacher preparation students to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to become successful literacy teachers. The successful teaching/learning of literacy in the elementary school classroom requires a teacher with a working knowledge of diagnostic-prescriptive instructional methods. Such a teacher will view the diagnosis and subsequent literacy instruction, based on the child's abilities--strengths and weaknesses, from the perspective of an understanding of the literacy processes, linguistic development and diversity, and language and dialect development and variability; knowledge of and competency in teaching literacy skills -- reading-- comprehension, vocabulary, word recognition, and study skills-- within the framework of literature-based whole, natural language; and knowledge of and competence in using the various methods, approaches and materials available for literacy instruction based on an analysis of current trends, innovations and applications of technology.









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