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Join UNF this summer session A for an unforgettable one-month experience in one of earth's most fascinating and influential countries. Explore Chinese history within the walls of the Forbidden City, discover the lure of China's natural beauty among the limestone mountains of Guilin, and gaze upon the ultra-modern city of Shanghai while high atop China's tallest skyscraper.

This six-credit philosophy and religious studies course focuses on the foundational assumptions that led to the development of distinctive features of Chinese culture in terms of philosophy and religion. The course has four major units: cosmology, politics and social order, art and aesthetics, and personal identity. Each of these units explores philosophical and religious issues in terms of texts and practices, and how the classical assumptions are and are not still in play today. Students will become conversant in the three main influential traditions--Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism--as well as the impact of other traditions such as Islam and Christianity.


Learn calligraphy from a local calligraphy master

Ride bikes through Guilin's famed countryside

Discuss Chinese politics in the ancient city of Xi'an

Visit the Imperial Confucian Temple

Interact with Chinese college students in Xi'an and Guilin

Attend a Daoist tea ceremony

Chat with monks in a mountainside monastery

Walk atop the Great Wall of China

and more!


Applications are due Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Download Application Part I:

Fill out online or print and return to Prof. Sarah Mattice, Department of Philosophy, UNF


Download Application Part II: Academic Reference

Print this form and give it to the faculty member.

Ask him/her to fill it out and send it to Prof. Sarah Mattice, Department of Philosophy


For more information contact Prof. Sarah Mattice

University of North Florida, Department of Philosophy

Building 10, Room 2353