University of North Florida
Jacksonville, Florida 32224
Department of Communications and Visual Arts, phone 646-2650
Robert Cocanougher, Professor, office Bldg. 3, Rm. 2406, phone 646-2650

ART 3600C Computer Images, course syllabus and outline.

Course description from University Catalog:
Prerequisite: ART 3234C or ADV 3003C. The creative use of computer Images. An exploration of the potentials and limitations of computer images for artistic, commercial, and educational uses. Hands-on experience with microcomputers used as another expressive tool for the artist/designer. Emphasis on the use of existing graphics software, quality of images, communication effectiveness, and the innovative application of aesthetic visuals.

Course Objectives:

The following categories will be covered in a way to develop the students attitude toward, skills in, and knowledge of:

Textbooks and References:

Grading and evaluation:

A 4.0 95-100
A- 3.7 93-94
B+ 3.3 91-92
B 3.0 85-90
B- 2.7 83-84
C+ 2.3 81-82
C 2.0 75-80
C- 1.7 73-74
D+ 1.3 71-72
D 1.0 65-70
D- 0.7 63-64
F 0.0 62 and below

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