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Time for School Year's Resolutions

Nile Stanley Picture Volume 1 Number 5 January, 2007

Dr. Stanley's "Time for School Year's Resolutions" and the Reading Calendar are a monthly feature of the Department of Childhood Education, University of North Florida, 4567 Saint Johns Bluff Road, South, Jacksonville, FL 32224, nstanley@unf.edu, 904-620-1849.

by Nile Stanley, Ph.D.
Chair, Childhood Education

According to a survey by Time for Kids, the top New Year's Resolutions have been:

  • Get better grades
  • Be nicer to my brother/sister
  • Eat less junk food
  • Get more sleep
  • Get more exercise

Ask your child to write his/her five resolutions. "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve" wrote Napoleon Hill. High achievers get behind the helm of their lives and set a course for a definite destination, for they know "where there's a will there's an A." Underachievers, on the other hand, don't set goals for the school year and are like ships without rudders and will end up helplessly adrift. Many people spend more time thinking about a menu or what songs to download on their iPod then they do planning their own futures or their children's. Now is the time to take out a sheet of paper and state your game plan and goals. A good place to start is to write down the titles of twenty-five books you and your child plan to read this year. I polled local educators and asked them what school year's resolutions they wished parents should make and keep. Here's what teachers wish parents would resolve to do for their children:

  • Get to school on time.
  • Have nutritious breakfast.
  • Be well rested.
  • Be respectful of the teacher and others.
  • Be eager to learn.

If you want to learn more about how to succeed, be a winner, and have your child have a bright future as in a college scholarship, read/listen to these energizing books.

For adults:

Denis Waitley (2005). The Psychology of Winning: Qualities of a Total Winner. (Audio), Nightingale-Conant.

Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer (2007). The Success Principles (TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be (Paperback), Collins.

For teens:

T. J. Hoisington ( 2006). If You Think You Can! for Teens: Thirteen Laws for Creating the Life of Your Dreams (Paperback), Aviva Publishing.

Roger Leslie (2004). Success Express for Teens: 50 Life-Changing Activities (Paperback), Bayou Publishing.

For intermediate:

Matt Granger (2004). Build Yourself For Success: A Kid's Guide to Success (Paperback), BookSurge Publishing.

Jill Frankel Hauser and Michael Kline (2006) Kid's Guide to Becoming the Best You Can Be! (Paperback), Williamson Books

For rooky readers:

Dr. Seuss (1975). Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! (Hardcover), Random House Books.

The Jamie Lee Curtis CD Audio Collection (2006). Harper Children's.

See this month's associated Reading Calendar (pdf)

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