Senior Project Class

Senior Project is a two-semester sequence course on software systems development for a real-world client. Students design and develop a prototype information system in collaboration with a community partner. Students learn and employ software development processes and software engineering techniques.

As a part of this course, students will offer information systems development service to non-profit and/or small-business organizations from Northeast Florida region. Students will work as a team to develop a software prototype that addresses a well-defined problem faced by the community partner. Throughout this course, students will have adequate opportunity to interact with community partner and reflect on their learning and service offered.

Students will apply skills gained in the classroom to develop a prototypical software system in collaboration with a community partner. In the first semester, students will work with community partners to document software requirements. Students will analyze requirement specifications and design the software. The major outcome for the first semester is a beta-level implementation of the software product. In the second semester, students will produce detailed design for the product, implement all stated requirements, test the product, and deliver the product to the community partner. The major outcome for the second semester is delivering a product that is useful and produces intended impact for the community partner.

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Partner with Us

We are always on the lookout for the next great project for our students. If you are interested in participating as a community partner in the senior project class, please contact Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy at .

We are happy to meet with you and discuss your project ideas. We will work with you to identify a project that will be useful for your organization and fits with the course learning objectives. Students typically develop desktop software or Web-based applications. Students utilize a variety of technologies appropriate to solve the identified requirements. Projects with three or four functionalities involving involve front-end application and back-end database would be ideal for the class.

Please visit below links to view list of projects completed by students from previous senior project class cohorts:

Mentor our Students

Each student team is mentored by a lead software engineer from a software development company. Typically, a team consists of four students. Mentors guide students with troubleshooting technical issues as well as dealing with real world project issues. Mentors work with the student team for entire project time period (fall and spring semesters). Mentors will have access to students and cultivate talent while ensuring success of projects. The goal of this academic-industry partnership is to not only address academic-workforce gap but give back to our community as well.

If you are interested in mentoring senior project students, please contact Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy at .

Currently, senior project student teams are being mentored by software engineers from following software development companies from Northeast Florida.

Life and Speciality Ventures
Interactive Intelligence
Intuitive Reason
TEC Services Group