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This was my third poem. it came about as a result of an exercise for the Style & Elements section of the workshop. Click on the thumbnail to go to my blog and read it.



Exercise about the use of "Quotations" inside a story.

Click the image to read it.


photoI am From:

This is a poem that came from imitating a poem from George Ella Lyon. It is the one I had more fun doing so far. You can read it on my blog. it is the second on that post.


photo3 Generations:

This exercise came upon after reading Lukerman's first chapter about the impact of "the period". Combining short and sharp sentences to add drama to a short story. Click on the image.



This was the first workshop I presented for critic. It is a poem that came from the first exercise I did on the class. I was the first surprised by its subject matter. You can read it on my blog.



Six Word Stories:

This is some of the most simple and at the same time complicated exercises I've done for this workshop.

You can only use 6 words to tell a whole story.It was fun to do them. Click on the image.


Of Moths & Butterflies:

This is a poem about a Prehispanic Myth. It talks about the trip the souls of native warriors undergo once they die.

Click on the image.