MAP 2302
Differential Equations -Fall 2006


Differential Equations (CRN 80334)


Instructor: Dr. M. Rahman


1:30-2:45  MW
Class  Bldg. 10/Rm. 1343


Office:  Bldg. 14/ Room 2718

Office hour: 3:00-4:00pm MW/Appointment

Textbook: Differential Equations, 3rd ed. by Blanchard, Devaney & Hall



Prerequisites: Calculus I & II

Credit hours: 3

Tentative Schedule:

 Chapter 1. First order Differential Equations


 Chapter 2. First-order systems


 Chapter 3. Linear systems


 Chapter 4. Forcing and Resonance


 Chapter 5. Nonlinear systems

  5.1-  5.2

 Chapter 6.  Laplace Transforms

  6.1-  6.4

 Chapter 8. Discrete Dynamical Systems


Grade Allocation :

3 Exams :      45% 
Final Exam:  25 % 

Homework 15%

Quiz- 15%


90 to 100 %A

80 to  89 % B

70 to  79 % C

60 to  69 % D

Below 60 % F

The `` will be included only to improve your grades

Important Deadlines:

         Last day to withdraw ( with 25% refund)  September 22nd

         Last day to withdraw (no refund)  November 9th

         Holidays (no classes or office hours)    Labor Day- Sept. 04th , Veterans Day- Nov 10th, Thanksgiving- Nov. 23-26th ,

         Exam 1: Sept. 18, 2006(Monday)

         Exam 2: Oct. 25, 2006(Wednesday)

         Exam 3:  Nov. 29, 2006(Wednesday)

         Final Exam is Monday, Dec.  11, 1:00-2:50pm. 

Technology: A graphing calculator (e.g. TI83) is recommended but not required. Graphing calculators which perform symbolic manipulations (e.g. TI89, TI92) will not be allowed for tests and quizzes. You may use ordinary scientific calculators, but no graphing calculators are allowed for quizzes or exams (including the Final) unless otherwise specified by the instructor. I will demonstrate dynamics of differential equations using  MATLAB/XPPAUT programming languages.


Attendance: is required; parts of this class may be in a cooperative learning format. You will be assigned group work in and out of class. Repeated absences (more than 4 unexcused) will result in lowering your grade in the course. Students absent for university sponsored events or must make arrangements for making up the work they will miss before they are absent.

Homework:  is required. Selected problems from your textbook will be assigned and graded. Late homework will not be accepted without a valid reason.


Disability Resource Center: If you believe that you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact Disability Resources Center in Bldg. 10-Room 1201.


Disclaimer:  The instructor reserves the right to amend this syllabus at any time. Changes will be announced in class. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of any changes.