Announcements for Calculus III/Fall 2005

Test1- 22 Sept. '03(Monday)- material covered in Chap7


8/25/03- We introduced syllabus and recalled section 5.5 of chapter 5.

8/26/03- We started chap. 7 and finished section 7.1. The main topic was integration by parts.

8/27/03- We finished section 7.2 and the main topic was trigonometric integrals.

8/28/03- We finished section 7.3 and the main topic was trigonometric substitution. Hw#1 5.5, 7.1, 7.2

are due on 9/02/03.


9/02/03/ - We finished we started section 7.4- In tegration of Rational functions by partial fraction.

9/03/03- We finished section 7.4, we did hw. ex.#13,20 in class as some students asked.

9/04/03- We answered some questions from and introduce section 7.5- Strategy of Integration.

Hw. #2 on 7.2-7.4 are due on Sept 9/08/03


9/08/03- We started by doing extercises from section 7.5 and finished it and introduced section 7.7.

9/09/03 We went to Maple Lab session 1, We give some introduction of maple.

9/10/03 We finished section 7.7 and introduced 7.8-Improper Integrals

9/11/03- We started by giving example of section 7.8-improper integral of Type I and II.

Hw#3 on section 7.5 and 7.7 are due on Monday the Sept. 15th'03 at the beginning of class.

Week 4

9/15/03- We will start by answering questions from the audience of section 7.8 about exercises.

9/16/03- We finished sec. 6.1. and started 6.2

9/17/03- We finished sec 6.2

9/18/03- We reviewed chap7 for test 1. Problem no. 40(section 7.8) use L'HOSPITAL RULE to evaluate

as t goes to zero lnt/sqrt(t^(1/2)). The limit will be zero.