UNF Honors Program: The Ghana Project

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Tentative Itinerary

The three-week trip will take place during Summer A, 2005. The tentative itinerary will include:

Students will be expected to enroll in a one-hour service learning colloquium during the Summer A term.  They also will be expected to attend some classes upon their return from Ghana to allow them to academically reflect on the experience. 

Important Dates

 Sep. 7, 2004  Interest meeting
 Oct. 1, 2004  Deadline to apply for trip
 Oct. 1-15, 2004  Interviews with students
 Oct. 15, 2004  Decision made on which students are accepted
Nov. 1, 2004  Deposit of $300 due by 5pm ($150 non-refundable)
Nov.  10, 2004
 Disperse scholarships
 Dec. 3, 2004  Payment #1 due - $1200
 Jan. 7, 2005  Payment #2 due - $400 
 Feb. 11, 2005  Payment #3 due - $600
 Mar. 11, 2005  Payment #4 due - $600

Scholarship Opportunities

Click here to download an application!!


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