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What is The Ghana Project?                                          

The Ghana Project is an innovative approach to international education.  It brings together professors and students from different disciplines to explore the issues facing the developing world.  The project begins with a spring Honors course in which students study the challenges of politics, health, and economic development in West Africa.  Then, in May, the students and professors travel to Ghana to work on projects connected to the issues they have examined. 

This project has had such a transformational effect on our students the Honors Program has made a commitment to continue it on a long term basis.  The Ghana Project began in 2001 with a simple touring visit, continued in 2003 incorporating service learning projects specifically designed to help students apply what they learned, and returns in 2005 when Ghanaian university students will join us to continue the projects. 

The country of Ghana is an ideal choice because it is very different from anything the students would have experienced before, but offers a stable political climate.  As a former British colony, English is the official language, making it easy for students to communicate and work with Ghanaians.  The goal of the project is to provide an international experience that immerses students in a very foreign culture, appeals to a wide range of student interests, and gives students a chance to actually work toward improving the world instead of viewing it through the window of a tour bus.  

What are the projects available in Ghana?

What do students learn from the Ghana Project?