The students listed below conducted research on a volunteer basis, for course credit, or were supported by a research grant.

Victor Thomas
Victor Barbosa (UNF Chemistry) Thomas Dubien (UNF Chemistry)
Daniel Flavia Jessica Diego Will
Daniel Chica (UNF Chemistry; Northwestern U. Grad School) Flavia Estrada (visiting student, UF Sao Carlos, Brazil) Jessica Wilson (UNF BS Chemistry, Data Science/Software Engineer Student, Seattle, Washington) Diego Barbosa (Physics Sandwich PhD Scholarship, UFMA Brazil) Will Wardley (visiting student, now PhD from King's College London)
Mary Robbie Jud Zach Aaron
Mary Hertz (UNF Chemistry - Materials Chemistry BS, FSU Grad School) Robert Rahberg (UNF Chemistry) Judson Settle (UNF Biology, USF College of Medicine/Masters of Medical Science/MD) Zach Kann (UNF BS Chemistry, U. Wisconsin Grad. School ) Aaron Lewis (H.S. student, Yale )
Jessica Y Jarod Eric Alisia Jeff
Jessica Yeung(H.S. student, Caltech ) Jarod Collens (Englewood High School) Eric Hearn (UNF BS Chemistry, Bacardi) Alisia Caro (UNF BS Chemistry, ALS Environmental) Jeff Auletta (UNF BS Chemistry, Mayo Clinic, U. Pitt. - Grad School )
Kathy Will Courtney
Kathryn Mince (UNF BS Biology, UF Med School) Will Seemer (UNF BS/MA Biology) Courtney Brennan () Cordie Cooper () Ashley Goolsby-Zak (R.N. St. Vincent Medical Center)
Bob Heatherington (UNF BS Chemistry, Bastech) Frank Snyder (South University Grad School, anesthesiologist assist.) Antoinette Bennett (UNF BS Chemistry, MS Criminal Justice) Naomi Kouri (UNF BS Chemistry, Mayo Clinic Graduate School) Kami Carter (UNF BS Chemistry, NAS-JAX)

Whitney Thomas (UNF BS Chemistry) Paul Jaghab (UNF BS Biology) Shakela Williams (UNF BS Biology) Rob Gillespie (UNF BS Chemistry, Duke Grad School) Matt Millard (UNF BS Chemistry, UCSD Ph.D. Chemistry, Figueroa group)