Software Listings
CCP14 Available Rietveld Software - poster-talks
CCP14 Methods, Problems and Solutions
Bilbao Crystallographic Server Misc Cryst Web Software
Refinement Packages Available - ALB Crystallography Home Page
George L. Clark X-Ray Facility X-ray software
Programs and methods in SDPD

Data Conversion
Powdll converts between various file formats and is periodically updated.
Powder 2.0 Convert various data files types.

Powder Diffraction indexing
CNR Institute of Crystallography EXPO2009 and EXPO2014

Rietveld Refinement
GSAS-II, EXPGUI - A Graphical User Interface for GSAS, GSAS+EXPGUI on CCP14 and EXPGUI GSAS at NIST
Jana 2006
Rietica Rietica refinement program.
CNR Institute of Crystallography
EXPO2013 - solve crystals from powder X-ray diffraction data
Fox Free Objects for Crystallography' is a free, open-source program for the ab initio structure determination from powder diffraction.
Rietveld Mailing list at the ILL

Structure Visualization
Crystal Impact Diamond
Atoms for Windows

Setting Conversion
Cryscon by Shape software. Convert rhombohedral to hexagonal setting.

Other software
SPuDS - a program to calculate the crystal structures of perovskites.
ISOTROPY Software program to display information on space groups, irreducible representations, isotropy subgroups and phase transitions.
Calidris - Space group explorer
GULP General Utility Lattice Program
Crystallography Centre Oscail - Windows based software for single crystal and powder diffraction
Accelrys (Molecular Simulations Inc) Software and solutions for Scientists including Cerius2, CASTEP.
Cambridge Software (Chemdraw)
CASTEP info.
Powf and other software (mirror)

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