General Chemistry I Laboratory - CHM2045L

Dr. Michael Lufaso
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Fall 2009
Office Hours: MW 8-10 am; 11:00-noon Bldg/office - 50/2716
Lecture: MW 4:30-5:45 pm, Bldg/lecture room - 50/1202
Blackboard - current course scores - graded homework questions

Required materials:
Lab Manual: UNF Custom General Chemistry manual by Bluedoor

Course Resources
UNF's Academic Center for Excellence offers free tutoring in chemistry and other subjects.
Calculator Use - by Madison Area Technical College
Please note that EE or EXP replaces x 10. For instance, to enter 6.02 x 1023, I would hit 6 . 0 2 EE 23 , or if my calculator had an EXP key, I would hit 6 . 0 2 EXP 23 A common error is to enter 6 . 0 2 x 10 EE 23, which is incorrect.
Introductory Applied Chemistry at BCIT
Practice Chemistry at Sweet Brian College
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Chemistry at Frostburg
Pass chemistry tips.
Practice Chemistry at the helpdesk

percent difference
percent error