Trip to Belize and Honduras

My first trip was taken in July of 1997. We spent five nights aboard the Windjammer Fantome - an 80-foot schooner which was originally a wedding gift from Ari Onassis to Princess Grace. We then spent four nights on Ambergris Caye (pronounced "key") where we snorkeled with 6 foot nurse sharks and sting rays. We also saw a huge Eagle ray, lobster, and octopus, and other amazing underwater life forms.We were also fortunate to visit Omoa, Honduras. It is home to the largest and best preserved Spanish fort in Central America.

One sad note, though. The Fantome was lost in Hurricane Mitch - all 31 crew members were lost as sea. This was a tragic end to a vessel and crew which saddens me everytime I think of it.

My second trip was in July 2006. Brad and I stayed on Ambergris again at Journey's End resort. The people were nice, the location was fabulous and the beach was cleaned every morning (at some places you can't walk into the water...or you don't want to). We just had a problem with the smell of rotting seaweed that came from the property next door. So, although we had the best cabana there, we quickly moved to another one!

Besides that, our trip was FABULOUS!

We dove five times and snorkeled once at Hol Chan. Our dives were at: Esmerelda, Tuffy Canyon, the Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef and Eagle Ray Wall.

The Blue Hole is a must if you go to Belize and you dive. It's a 2.5 hour boat ride there, but you do three dives in a day - and the other two are spectacular! Granted, the Blue Hole is a 135 ft. dive (the lowest we've ever gone!), but it was COOOOL! The hole used to be a cave and then the top of it collapsed, creating this cool underwater cavern. There are these GIANT stalagmites that are millions of years old that you swim through - and, since the lip of the hole is fairly shallow, once large sharks and fish get in, they usually stay for a while. That being said, we had our first encounter with a school of Bullsharks! The most agressive sharks in the world! (I was hoping for some hammerheads, but these were very exciting!)

Brad going into the Blue Hole!                                                                           Bullshark!
The next two dives, Lighthouse Reef and Eagle Ray, had the most amazing variety of coral and sea life that I have seen in the Caribbean.

Arrow crab at Lighthouse Reef!                                                                       "Howdy, Y'all" said the Banded Coral Shrimp

Cool Coral at Lighthouse...                                     Red-Footed Booby at Half Moon Caye

Brad and Michelle at Lighthouse Reef

We saw this incredible Sea Turtle there...he was ALOT bigger than this photo makes him look!                And if you can identidy this one, you get a gold star!

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