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Research interests:                                                                    

  • Salt marsh and estuarine ecology
  • Wetland and estuarine restoration
  • Trophic relationships of marine and estuarine macrofauna
  • Ontogenetic shifts in foraging and habitat use patterns

Past projects:

  • Abundance and distribution of larval and juvenile salt marsh fishes in the Sister's Creek marsh system
    • Larval and juvenile fishes are collected from the salt marsh surface using pit trap collectors.  I am interested in the effects of salt marsh vegetation composition on larval fish abundance
  • Study of estuarine habitat use by nekton in the Sister's Creek marsh system  - view sample organisms found within the estuarine system
  • The role of complexity of oyster reef habitats on juvenile fish abundance and survival within the Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve.
  • Determine large-scale patterns of abundance for resident salt marsh fishes, based on habitat specific abundances

Student opportunities:  student involvement in my research is strongly encouraged - UNF biology majors can earn independent study credits, and student volunteers are welcome. I am happy to mentor students in projects related to marine and freshwater ecology, and fish biology.

Previous & current student research projects:

  • The Abundance and Distribution of Fish in the Sisters Creek/ Deep Creek Salt Marsh System of the Timucuan Historic and Ecological Preserve, Duval County, Florida, With emphasis on Emergent vegetation and Tidal Stages. Dan Panciello, Undergraduate Research Project, fall 2000
  • The effect of water temperature on digestion rate in the mummichog, Fundulus heteroclitus. Kristin Hughes, Undergraduate Research Project, summer 2001
  • The effect on habitat selection by Pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides, in the presence of a predator, the Lesser Blue crab, Callinectes similis. Janet McNaughton, Undergraduate Research Project, summer 2002.
  • Behavioral response to decreased dissolved oxygen concentrations by Gambusia holbrooki. Melissa Eng, independent study project, summer 2002
  • Population ecology of Gambusia holbrooki in the UNF wildlife preserve. Melissa Ferranti, independent study project, summer 2002.