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Courses Commonly Taught

DIE 3310 Community Nutrition

This is an introduction to federal, state, and local nutrition intervention programs and their impacts. Emphasis is placed on diagnostic tools used in community nutrition and programs as well as methods used to address community nutrition issues. Catalog link

HUN 2201 Basic Principles of Nutrition

This is an introductory course in foods and nutrition relative to the health and well being of the individual or community.  Dietary habits, nutrient requirements, food choices, healthy eating practices, menu planning, shopping, and food preparation are studied and myths and misinformation in nutrition are identified in relation to facts.

HUN 3601 Nutrition Education

This is an introduction to the nature and methods of nutrition education. Students will apply learning theories and methods commonly used in nutrition education to lesson planning, development of educational materials, interviewing and counseling, and group workshops.

HUN 6123 Sociocultural Aspects of Nutrition

This is an examination of the non-nutritional factors that influence nutrition. The course covers evolution of diet, food selection, persistence and change, psycho-social, and structural and symbolic aspects of food choices and their relationship to nutrition. The major goal of this course is to get students to think critically about how social, cultural, historical, political, and ecological factors impact nutrition and food behaviors. Catalog

HUN 6612 Nutrition Education and Counseling

This is an evaluation of the nature and methods of nutrition education. Students
develop a theoretically based nutrition education curriculum, improve their interviewing and counseling skills, write an article for the public, and do a media presentation.

PHC 6525 Advanced Concepts in Nutrition

This is a course that emphasizes reviewing peer reviewed journal articles and professional position papers that explain the relationships between nutrients, the environment and human physiology, the biochemical basis of nutrient functions, the scientific basis of professional positions and practices and determinants of policies.

HSC 4579 Women’s Health Issues

This course will direct students in exploring health concerns specific to women in the context of women’s role in society. The course focuses on major threats to women’s health, for example, heart disease, osteoporosis, and breast cancer. Students will explore recent research related to these diseases or conditions which impact women’s health and identify how they may play a more proactive role in determining their own health.






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