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Judy Rodriguez

American Dietetic Association

Presidential Candidate

Judith C. Rodriguez PhD, RD, LD/N, FADA

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ADA Members! Please support your Florida friends. - Vote for Judith C. Rodriguez for President of the American Dietetic Association - Vote for Clara Lawhead as Professional Issues Delegate: Community Nutrition - Encourage your ADA HOD Delegate to vote for Catherine Christie for At-Large Delegate of the American Dietetic Association - Encourage your ADA DEP members to vote for Lauri Wright for Chair-elect of DEP


Voting Dates: Election will begin February 1 continuing through March 3, 2009

Vote at: http://www.eatright.org/election



Why vote for Judith C. Rodriguez?

Candidate Bio
I am currently a professor of nutrition at the University of North Florida but my professional experiences are varied. This includes nutrition education from pre-schoolers through adults, paraprofessionals, and future practitioners. I have worked in public health (as a WIC and public health nutritionist), hospitals (as a clinical dietitian), colleges (as educator, advisor, projects director, chairperson) and industry (as a consultant), as a research consultant, and in many other roles. My service to ADA includes state delegate, serving on CDR, the Diversity Committee, the Dietetics Practice and Education Task Force, and many other committees

We can work together to achieve ADA's vision and mission. We will lead the future of dietetics both nationally and internationally. We will be the most valued and trusted nutrition source of food and nutrition services to diverse segments of society. And, by working with other leaders we will improve the public's health and increase our spheres of influence.

ADA Video Statement Web

http://ada.portalxm.com/elections/candidates.cfm?actionxm=Detail&guid=551D41AE-F060-43D9-B230-4745476A7CEB and http://ada.portalxm.com/elections/candidates.cfm

En Español

Estimados colegas,

Por favor vota por mí para presidenta de la Asociación Dietética Americana. Tu voto es muy importante para que juntos trabajemos para dirigir el futuro de nuestra profesión tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Con tu ayuda, podemos llegar a ser el recurso más valioso y confiable en el área alimentos y nutrición para los diversos sectores de nuestra sociedad. De esta manera podremos trabajar con otros líderes para mejorar la salud pública y causar un impacto positivo en todas las esferas de la sociedad. Mis experiencias profesionales son amplias y han estado al servicio de diversos sectores de nuestra sociedad incluyendo educación en nutrición desde la edad preescolar hasta la adultez, salud pública (en el programa WIC), nutrición clínica (en hospitales) y en preparación de futuras dietistas como profesora del programa de Nutrición y Dietética de la Universidad del Norte de la Florida en Jacksonville. He ocupado diversos puestos nacionales como educador, asesor, directora de proyectos, coordinadora, directora y consultora para industrial y programas gubernamentales como el HANES. He servido activamente en la Asociación Dietética Americana en diversas posiciones tales como CDR, Comité de Diversidades, Grupo de Trabajo para la Práctica y Educación de la Dietética, Grupo de Interés- Latinos en Nutrición y Dietética (LAHIDAN) y como miembro de otros comités. Te invito a que visites mi página de Internet para que veas el listado los libros que he publicado y otras actividades de servicio en http://www.unf.edu/~jrodrigu/; http://www.nutrispan.com/NutriSpan_En_Espanol.html http://www.eatright.org/cps/rde/xchg/ada/hs.xsl/governance_18654_ENU_HTML.htm



ADA Video en el Web

http://ada.portalxm.com/elections/candidates.cfm?actionxm=Detail&guid=551D41AE-F060-43D9-B230-4745476A7CEB and http://ada.portalxm.com/elections/candidates.cfm

La elección será de Febrero 1 hasta Marzo 3, 2009. http://www.eatright.org/elections



I know of no other candidate who is so uniquely qualified and well prepared to lead ADA at this critical time. Dr. Rodriguez will represent all ADA members as we work to be the nation’s food and nutrition leaders and optimize the nation’s health through food and nutrition.

Catherine Christie, PhD, RD, LD/N, FADA

Judy Rodriguez has mentored students and encourages ADA members to become active in service to the profession. It is without hesitation that I encourage dietitians, in all areas of practice, to vote for Judith C. Rodriguez, PhD, RD, FADA for President-Elect of ADA. Judy is a proven leader and collaborator who has been an asset to the dietetics as well as education community.

Daniel Santibanez, MPH, RD, LD/N Chair-Elect, LAHIDAN


Professor in the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics at UNF Brooks College of Health: View website

President of Nutrispan Inc View website

Co-editor of The FDA Diet Manual

Member of Board of Directors:

Catholic Charities Board, Jacksonville

Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. Vice President of Research


Four easy tips for helping the campaign
  1. Ask five persons to vote for the candidate – and ask them to ask five persons.
  2. Campaign for the candidate at a local or regional meeting – contact me for flyers, if you would like to distribute such.
  3. Put information about the candidate in newsletter for practitioners – you can use the information on this web site.
  4. Post information about the candidate in your work area – including the candidate’s web links and contact information.


Campaign Guidelines


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